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beware! beware! the PoPiggie are oinking again today

as has become all too common with our live out-of-town cops for
PPB that are mercenaries, they've shot another fellow-citizen
today...shot by a PoPo that hustled his ass on out of town at
end of the shift...too fucking afraid to live amongst us, but
not bit afraid to kill us...one-by-one. When are we going to
collectively rise-up and run these Hicks-from-the-Sticks back
to their rightwing haven townships and villages in Utah, Idaho, or wherever these Country Bumpkins come from...lured here for the dollar and not a clue amongst 'em as to how it
with life in the Big City! Send these dumbasses back to the
hellholes they came from and hire ONLY Portlanders to replace
these idiots!
Officer involved shooting in SW Portland

Credit: KGW Mike Benner

Police converge near an officer-involved shooting at SW 35th and Dakota, near Gabriel Park.

by Michael Rollins and Mike Benner

Posted on December 27, 2010 at 5:54 PM

Updated today at 6:40 PM

PORTLAND -- Police were closing off streets near Gabriel Park around 5:40 p.m. after reports of an officer involved shooting.

Police said the shooting was in the 3500 block of SW Dakota.

A neighbor reported hearing four shots in rapid succession. A second neighbor reported hearing what sounded like a crash.

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said no officers were hit by gunfire.

An AMR ambulance spokesman said one man was taken to Oregon Health & Sciences University. The ambulance was dispatched at 5:39, arrived a minute later and was enroute to OHSU within minutes, the spokesman said.

Streets were shut down at 45th and Vermont and 36th and Dakota.

good rant there bro 27.Dec.2010 21:34

slam dunk the PoPo

your good for hitting their lazy asses hard first off. I fully agree with you!

fuck you 28.Dec.2010 19:16


I'm not a friend of cops by a long shot, but enough of this "country bumpkin" rural vs urban bullshit. You act as if rural people are halfwits of some sort.

Fuck you. Next time you're hungry, I hope you eat something that comes from a city.

the point 31.Dec.2010 14:57


This post as I understand it and, as I have lived as a person of color in PDX for some 30 years, is that we have death squads -PoPo- occupying the neighborhoods we live in. These cops don't know us, do not live in poor/Black neighborhoods. They visit to shoot/kill us, and then go back to Beaverton, Lake Oswego, SW Hills, wherever. They have so been embedded with the slant of the criminalization of the Black man/youth that they are scared shitless to live among us, but have no problem murdering us.

What would it be like if we were actually able to build community and trust with cops? What would it be like if the cops actually took an interest in who we are, how we live and what issues are important to us. what our hopes and needs are. How we might even be able to "police" our own territory in ways above and beyond anything that they are capable of. I know that shit is far to fucked up to do anything but imagine this...I just sometimes wonder what it would be like if cops, regardless of race or gender, actually began to see us as human beings.