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Video: Police Fire Medical - helping the homeless - Portland 12.19.10

A short film of a man who appears to be homeless, who was soon surrounded by police, fire and Chiers detox workers. I video taped the interaction.
This was in filmed in downtown Portland, near Pioneer Square.

It does seem like a lot of city agencies were involved, but the man was not hurt, nor arrested, and he ended up getting some shelter services. It looks like someone may of even gave him something to eat.

At the end of the video: I ask one of the cops what happened, he takes a long look at my press pass and then briefly explains.


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Chiers? 26.Dec.2010 21:27

Granny M.

I have never heard, read about what goes on after one is carted off to Chiers. Anecdotes, testament?...?

butt-in-ski 26.Dec.2010 21:29


*** Yawn ***

All in perspective 26.Dec.2010 21:55

Joe Anybody

This not an exciting high/drama video, but a (snap shot) of a bigger picture