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Video: Mohamed Siala, Unity and Understanding speech at Pioneer Square on 12.19.10

Mohamed Siala who is the Director Islamic Center of Corvallis gave a speech in Pioneer Square on 12/19/10. This is the video I filmed of his speech followed by the song sang by everyone at the end of the event.
Mohamed Siala, Unity and Understanding
Mohamed Siala, Unity and Understanding
Mohamed Siala Gives a speech on love and non violence, on community and solidarity, in Portland Oregon.
The speech was for Muslims and non-Muslims as one family we all are, on the subject of community, peace, unity and safety.

The video in 2 parts on YouTube and also one full version of Mohamed Siala speech on Archive .org

Part 1.
Part 2.

Full Speech by Mohamed Siala: (20 min w/song at end)
 link to www.archive.org

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