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Transcanada ExxonMobil Mackenzie and Alaska Arctic Natural Gas Pipelines DEAD? YOU BETCHA!

Transcanada ExxonMobil Mackenzie and Alaska Arctic Natural Gas Pipelines DEAD? YOU BETCHA!
Transcanada ExxonMobil Mackenzie and Alaska Arctic Natural Gas Pipelines DEAD? YOU BETCHA!

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Mackenzie pipeline off U.S. agency's radar
Gas prices too low for project, says analyst
By Dina O'Meara, Calgary Herald December 24, 2010

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B leak price outlooks for natural gas in North America have wiped the proposed Mackenzie pipeline off the map, according to a recent report by U.S. energy regulators.
The TransCanada Corp. project didn't figure in the Energy Information Administration's annual outlook because of costs, said an agency analyst Thursday.
The report suggested natural gas prices wouldn't support shipping natural gas volumes from Alaska south until 2033, EIA analyst Joe Benneche told the Herald.
"So if the price isn't high enough to spur along the Alaska, it wouldn't be high enough to spur along the Mackenzie," Benneche said.
He noted the Northwest Territories pipeline lacks economies of scale and infrastructure already existing on the North Slope, making it more costly...

The Calgary-based corporation and partner ExxonMobil Corp. have been promoting a massive natural gas pipeline to bring prolific (Alaska) North Slope natural gas to southern markets by 2020.
However, high construction costs and low prices will likely shelve the $40-billion project and its rival the $20-billion Denali pipeline until 2033 as demand for natural gas in the Lower 48 states is met by cheaper, more accessible volumes, according to the EIA report.
The project would snake through Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia to feed into Alberta's well-established natural gas pipeline network and facilities.

New federal forecast leaves Alaska gas out of the picture
 link to www.alaskadispatch.com
Patti Epler | Dec 22, 2010
Don't bank on a big natural gas line from the North Slope for another 25 years, a new federal forecast predicts.
The U.S. Energy Information Administration earlier this month concludes the price of gas won't be high enough to make construction economical until about 2035.
Canada gov't to discuss pipeline in early 2011
OTTAWA | Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:33pm EST
Dec 16 (Reuters) - Canada's government will discuss early next year whether to sign off on a regulator's approval of a proposed Arctic gas pipeline, Environment Minister John Baird told Reuters on Thursday.
Baird, who described the Mackenzie pipeline project as exciting for Canada's North and the Canadian economy, said Ottawa wanted "to jump the next hurdle in getting the regulatory approvals completed".
He said Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis would come to cabinet in the new year with a recommendation as to whether the government should give the final go-ahead. Baird declined to say when Ottawa would issue a ruling. (Reporting by David Ljunggren; editing by Rob Wilson)
Lorne Gunter: Say 'no' to taxpayers' dollars for northern pipeline

Lorne Gunter December 19, 2010 - 12:34 pm

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There's an episode of the 1980s British sitcom, Yes, Minister, in which Jim Hacker, the minister for Administrative Affairs, goes to visit England's most efficient hospital, a new institution in North London known as St. Edward's. While touring the facility, the minister learns the reason for its efficiency - the wards are fully staffed, but the hospital has no patients. "Having patients around would be no help at all," he is assured.
It's the same with Canada's Northern Pipeline Agency. For 32 years, since it was set up in 1978, the NPA has been a very efficient bureaucracy largely because it is a pipeline agency without a pipeline.
The NPA doesn't have anything to do with the Mackenzie Valley pipeline (MVP) - approved last Thursday after more than 30 years of wrangling, cause-pleading, environmental hysterics and political correctness - at least not directly. Yet the reason the agency remains pipeline-less more than three decades after its creation, speaks to why the MVP approval very likely means very little: Ultimately major northern natural-gas pipelines don't exist because they don't make economic sense...

Way back in the 1980s, I used to work on Parliament Hill for the minister responsible for the Northern Pipeline Agency...

Writing on the wall for Mackenzie pipeline

By DEBORAH YEDLIN, Postmedia News December 21, 2010
When business leaders, politicians and public policy wonks ask what went wrong with the Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline, they will likely be answered with two words: Institutional failure.
It doesn't matter a whit what the National Energy Board said Dec. 9, when it rendered its final decision approving the mammoth project. That window is shut tight...

When Jim Prentice took his seat in the federal cabinet, the buzz was that he was the guy who was going to get Mackenzie across the finish line. Prentice had everything, it appeared, to make it happen. As someone who had worked with First Nations on the legal side, he understood the challenges. He had very good connections into the oilpatch, which meant he could access any expertise at a moment's notice. Hopes were high. But when Prentice left politics in November, whatever hopes that seemed to exist for Mackenzie ever moving ahead evaporated.


Sarah Palin's Gas Pipeline
Palin considers the $26 billion project her biggest accomplishment as governor. "It was not easy," she told IBD. "Alaska has been hoping and dreaming for a natural gas pipeline for decades. What it took was getting off the dime and creating a competitive market in Alaska."
Minus a pipeline, Alaska's abundant gas largely ends up pumped back into the ground to be used to pressurize oil fields and aid in extraction. With oil production in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay region declining and Congress continuing to drag its feet on new oil drilling, one of the few things Alaska can do is sell some of the gas now...

Enbridge Northern Gateway China Pipeline and Hillary Clinton's Transcanada XL Pipeline

Now is the time for the Environmental movement, the Indigenous Peoples movement etc., principled political and bureaucratic thinkers and doers to close ranks and stop the Enbridge and XL Pipelines.

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Gas Land 26.Dec.2010 00:48

Lindsey Walker

By "cheaper, more accessible volumes" do they mean what's being mined through fracking in the lower 48?


Only temporary 26.Dec.2010 11:34

Fredric L. Rice

It's only a temporary set back for the corporate terrorists and traitors, they'll resume the line eventually, even when conducted at a financial loss since fascist States will subsidize the line through imposing taxes.

Sabotage. It has worked for the Northern UNOCAL line in Afghanistan, it will work for this crime against us as well.