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Organized Stalking

A system of organized psychological terror tactics used against a person who has become an enemy of an individual or a government. Subtle but effective techniques of stalking by multiple individuals and psychological intimidation and manipulation are used to slowly but surely drive the target to make complaints to authorities who will see the complaints as bogus because of the methods used against the target. As a result, the target gets labelled as mentally ill.
organized stalking

Gang Stalking

This is an organized group who have targeted an individual or family based on some action or attitude displayed by the target who knowingly or most likely unknowingly used while in contact with a member of the organized group through a work place, or any other social arena. This has become common place in the United States due to the War against terrorism and has organized these groups of well meaning citizens who are now following targets they do not even know personally but have been placed on the List for what ever reason which may mostly be made up by someone within the organization (an organizer) who labels the target with any number of negative, evil, criminal character personalities such as terrorist, pedophiles, abusive parent, trouble maker, anti-American, anti-industry, or just someone that's a monkey wrench in the workings of the organization. The person becomes a target of the organization due to their religious, political, or ethical beliefs and who speak out when they believe that something is not right.

Once the person is placed on the List then they are put under constant surveillance which includes stalking. This is where the target suffers because this group wants the target to know they are targeted so that the targeting is more than surveillance, it is a punishment. The group also does not want anyone else outside the group to know that the target is being targeted so that it is covert to the general public but not to the target.

more 25.Dec.2010 10:18

terry wagar

And even though you continually post letters, diaries and videotapes all over indymedia that claim to be proof of a conspiracy against you, and none of the posted material contains a shred of actual evidence other than to prove that you are a paranoid delusional rather than the victim of any kind of conspiracy. It can get really frustrating.

Say hello to Randy and Evi Quaid for me.

wow 27.Dec.2010 17:21


There is no organized stalking. There is no concerted, coordinated effort to "stalk" you.

You are not that important. There are people much more threatening than you, who are worth much more of "their" time, and the methods of dealing with them are much more serious than the harassment you are supposedly dealing with.

Please get help.

and 28.Dec.2010 11:59


This is the mindset of people who post crap like this


yeah I'm looking at you Terry.

Gangstalking is real 29.Dec.2010 08:50

Jody Paulson

Delusional? I think not! 20.Apr.2012 23:00

Stalking victim

I do realize this is an old article but I just happen to be researching the topic of gang stalking as I have found myself to be a victim of this hellish crime myself. It just so happens that this tactic is so effective because of the vary comments posted by the skeptic on this article. All who are victims ask ourselves these very same questions, how could I possibly be this important, important enough to warrant this type of energy and resources? Really? Unfortunately for all of us who have experienced this type of abuse the answer is YES really! A huge part of the crazy making process is the victim questioning themselves in this manner and second guessing ourselves. Most of us had no signs of mental health issues whatsoever before we were targeted, in fact a fai amount of us have been fortunate enough to have found doctors we can trust who have administered all types of psychological tests and guess what the results have been? We aren't crazy! Maybe the gentleman who commented on this article is in fact a perp himself because he sure has the same tired lines we get from our a users on a daily basis. If anyone out there is experiencing this type of torture, don't drink the koolaide! You aren't crazy! Coming from a targeted individual I can tell you that this isn't good news. I would have preferred to find out I was stark raving mad and all I had to do was take some anti psychotic medication and all would be right with my world! No suck luck, my reality is that I am stalked by too many people to keep track of on a daily basis and am electronically monitored 24/7. Good for all of you that read this and can't even fathom such a thing as that is the way life is suppose to be. God

A Life Sentence 05.Sep.2014 20:32

Ed djehuty.green@gmail.com


Firstly, I'm a gainfully employed individual. I'm sane and rational in my own mind. I've been a victim of not just of gang stalking but DEW's, ELF, and EMF torture for the last 7 years in various combinations and intensities. It has followed me to 3 states, and another country. This is a daily occurrence for me.
I know how they operate on me, but every target is differently tortured. I'm slowly being murdered. The only advice I can give any other victim is this: make a list of your personal rights. Your birth rights. Rights everyone else may take for granted because they just have them everyday in polite society.
Consider how you are targeted, and constantly chant this list of basic human rights to yourself. You should tailor your list to respond to your abusers. Also, write as much information down as you can. Names, dates, and times the abuse occurs. Try to take video or pictures of your abusers.
Only take pictures or film in public places. Legally, this may not be allowed at your place of employment. This may present a special problem, however there might be other methods of verbally/mentally sparring with your abusers in such an environment. There are some more cost prohibitive things that can be done, but we victims are generally kept on the edge of poverty. I'm now residing in the Portland metro area, the city of my birth.
Gang Staking Flyer
Gang Staking Flyer