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Repeal of DADT, Don't Get Soo Excited

Gays being able to serve openly in the military - & be horribly maimed/killed - for a country they still have no right to get married in, is kinda like Blacks who were "allowed" to serve in WW2, only to return to an ungrateful-as-fuck country that forced Black vets to endure [American] apartheid for another 28+ yrs. Just to be clear, the repeal of DADT is a win win for the MILITARY. What extra rights do Gays really have because of this? What is everyone soo happy about?
So after all this time, DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL has finally been repealed with a pin stroke by president Obama. Finally, gays/lesbians have the RIGHT (after a 60-day preliminary period) to get horribly maimed and/or blown to pieces, suffer debilitating trauma/PTSD, & have to prove to the Veterans' Administration (VA) that they're disabled enough to receive a piss-ass penance from the govt. - & BE OPEN ABOUT IT, YAY!!!!! Forgive me if i'm not exactly jumping for joy over this. To begin with, the repeal of DADT isn't some grandiose achievement... it's goddamned pathetic! This should've happened back in the 1990's, but instead Clinton - the other great compromiser - signed it into law. It's PATHETIC that this is just now coming to be, & anyone who argues that even this is too soon is an utter fuckwit. It's beyond obvious that queers have been in the armed forces, everywhere, for all of civilization & they haven't always been so closeted about it. This reality in mind, most major standing militaries in the world have allowed queers to serve & die openly for years or decades. Even the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), as contemptible as they are, has queers & even trans-genders serving openly in it's zionist murder squads. So i say it's pathetic that the U.S. is just now getting this over with. But that's just one issue; the other is this: queers now or will soon have a right to serve in the military openly. I guess that's great, but all that means is that queers can now be OPEN when they sign up for a death machine with an objective not much more than advancing American imperialism & global dominance. This, for a country that STILL denies them the right to legal marriage - except for a few states & even those marriages aren't federally recognized. One can only wonder about the perplexity of a [now-openly] gay soldier invading another country & slaughtering a bunch of brown-skinned people - who surely must all be terrorists - to carry out the interests of a nation/corporatocracy that does not fully acknowledge them still. It reminds ME of how Black men were "allowed" to fight in WW2 - in segregated units of course - getting maimed, killed, torn to pieces, etc. But when those very same Black soldiers returned to the U.S. after that war, what awaited them? While White vets were rewarded with parades, romantic photo-ops in NYC, & generous home loans, Black vets (& other vets of color) were rewarded with Jim Crow, a ruthless apartheid system in the South that wouldn't let up for damn-near another 30 years, & a retched cast system in the rest of the country that was hardly better. One of the most insidious aspects of how Black vets were treated post-war was this: there was this G.I. bill which gave low-interest loans to returning vets so that they could go ANYWHERE in this country, buy a home, start a family, get a white picket fence, & be happy commi-hating American consumers. But when Black vets wanted nothing but the same thing, deliberately racist practices were set into place & institutionalized which kept Blacks from moving to where-ever, caging them in what grew to be slums & ghettos & "low-income" housing instead. These practices went on for decades & debilitated countless Blacks, keeping them from enjoying the "American dream"... never mind that such a dream was a total fraud for everyone, but that's another topic. WIERD/PROGRESSIVE Portland was a part of this trend too, which would explain why most of the Black people in this city are conspicuously shoe-horned into one section of town (which just happens to have flooded back in the 1950's, btw).

So in a sense, even after WW2 ended the "war" was by no means over, so far as people of color were concerned. WE had to keep fighting all these battles so there was nothing for US to celebrate. So i don't really understand all the jubilation over DADT being repealed, when all that gays/lesbians get out of this is the "right" to keep doing what they've been doing - except they can now be OPEN about it. But after they've helped the U.S. get it's pounds of flesh, at the end of the day what do THEY get??? They're still subjected to a cast system that treats them as separate, but not EQUAL. This is a cast system that's ruled entirely by christian fundamentalists, who typically don't have to fight these goddamned wars themselves.

I guess it's a positive thing that this tiny little baby step was taken - Hell forbid this country should ever do anything truly revolutionary. And i suppose it's nice that the democrats seem to be getting all this shit done in the last moments of a lame-duck session. Of course, the republicans will everything they can to nullify all that has been done over the next two years, at least. Also, you can count on a major MAJOR back-lash against queers - open & otherwise - in the military from the small town grunts to the top brass who don't believe in this at all. A lot of people are naive enough to think that this shit won't really happen, but i'm telling you it will. Mark my words, you'll hear news of the first gay bashing/hate crime - if not murder - within days of this officially going into effect. And that's assuming a republican congress doesn't succeed in either over-turning or (most likely) post-phoning the repeal in January.

So again, i don't see what people are soo fucking happy about.