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make your world a better place

make your world a better place
You read indymedia, chances are you know some protesters who are wanted by the police and the FBI.
The good news is that now you can recieve a big cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction
of crimanals. It's easy just a quick call. and if you know more that one person

$2000. for information leading to the arrest of organizers of the G-8 protest, Earth First,Democracy Now, Anarcist book fair . CIMC Radio Collective,animal liberation press office ,Alternet.org ,Squeaky Wheel Productions,NETWORK X,Muwekma Tree Siters

do you know any of thesepersons?
Bradley Stuart
Sudhama Ranganathan
Rich Gardner
Tim Ortley
Cllr Gino Kenny
Ross Wolf
Wendy Snyder
Ofelia Rivas
Robert Norse
John Lopez
Robinson Block
Eric Xodik
Steven Argue
Shawn Man
Nathan Pitts
Casey Suchan
Craig Rosebraugh
Mark Fuller
Heiner Ganssmann
Rachel Hiskes
Bill Hackwell
Mike Tidwell
Peter Keys
Ali Winston
Ciaron O'Reilly
Joshua Hart
Peter Brown
Melody Sage
Jon Axford
Chris Lugo
David Kennedy
Stephen Lendman
Keith McHenry
Stephen Clarke
Mike Matson
Kerry Mills

if you do call one of the numbers below

Crime Stoppers

Organized Crime Control Bureau

Crime Stoppers (Spanish)

Sex Crimes Report Line