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A victory for Wikihax

Here is a point of victory:::
'somehow' we have shutdown the PROPOGANDA arm, of the bigbutthole
accourding to # 4 -> companies 'need not bother' with PR = My guess is because they are on the loosing end, and like quicksand the more they struggle the farther in the much they go. so they've decided to RETREAT their propoganda for now. A VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fast Company article terms the action as "hacktivism." Agriculture is likely to see this type of attack sooner rather than later. The article highlighted several key points about the rise in hacktivism.

1. Social networks are turbo-charging hactivism
2. Online sites are increasingly attractive targets
3. Hacktivists are getting smarter
4. Companies need not bother with public relations
5. If you're a small company, rely on your Internet Service Provider for their security protocols
6. If you're a large company, Operation Payback was a wake-up call.

anythink worth mentioning 20.Dec.2010 12:26


do you know of any of the 'retreats' by name?