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Peace rally to condemn Pioneer Square bomb Plot

A Peace Solidarity rally was held in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. Called for by the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center and the Muslim community of Corvallis, it condemned the 'heinous' Christmas tree lighting bomb plot. Portland, USA 19/12/2010.
Mohamed Siala, Director Islamic Center of Corvallis speaks to the crowd.
Mohamed Siala, Director Islamic Center of Corvallis speaks to the crowd.
Mohamed Siala, Director Islamic Center of Corvallis
Mohamed Siala, Director Islamic Center of Corvallis
Community members gathered on a cold afternoon downtown Portland to condemn what they call a heinous act, referring to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony bomb plot orchestrated by the FBI with Mohamed Osman Mohamud at 5:40pm November 26th.

They were also speaking out against all other terrorist attacks.

Speakers included;

Sara O Connell
Sam Adams (Unable to attend due to illness)
Amanda Fritz, Commissioner of City of Portland
Allan Orr Tigard Police Chief
Mr. David Leslie, Executive Director of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Rabbi Michael Cahana, Senior Rabbi, Beth Israel
Sr. Mollie Reavis, SNJM, Institute for Christian Understanding
Jim Kennedy, Japanese American Citizens League
Rabbi Joey Wolfe, Havurah Shalom
Rev. Bill Sinkford, First Unitarian Church of Portland
Mohamed Siala, Director Islamic Center of Corvallis
Laurie Childers

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what? 20.Dec.2010 19:15


all I can really say about this is that, the FBI should stop recruiting, funding and then 'stinging' these 'terrorists' in order to promote more "security" from our friends at the HLS office.
if you really investigate these show cased terrorists attacks, we find the FBI, whom without which, would never have happened.

I have to say... 02.Jan.2011 18:53

a voice from the past

You have really got to be kidding.

THIS is a pdx indy feature? Have the DL's taken over the secret recesses of the PDX IMC labyrinths after all???

Listen. I don't necessarily support any weird plots concerning the tree lighting or whatever else either. But the day I see an article that is tacitly condemning radical (even if misdirected) action and drawing out a divide between US (the good protesters) and THEM (the baddies who would do shit like this) as a FEATURE on fucking Portland indymedia is the day I know that all the real IMCistas must be off to other things.

Sad for IMC, but this is how the world works, right? Moving forth with other things.