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Police kill man holding replica handgun in Portland

Darryel Dwayne Ferguson, 46, was shot and killed by 2 officers outside his apartment, number 201 of the Ventura Park Plaza. Officials claim he pointed a replica handgun at the officers. Portland, Oregon, USA. 17/12/2010.
According to the police, the shooting happened outside the door of the apartment and the officers 'lost sight' of the man. As a result they called for backup from the Special Emergency Reaction Team, similar to SWAT, and the Hostage Negotiation Team.

Reportedly, one neighbour in the complex counted 16 bullet casings in the hallway. Local resident Shawn Bartmess said that "I believe in law enforcement, that they are here to protect us, but 16 shots in such close quarters, with a child in the apartment, seems excessive."

Darryel Dwayne Ferguson' sister who lives outside St. Louis said that "He was upset, in pain, and worried about the noise from now having additional roommates and a child living with him."

He was HIV positive, was fighting lymphatic cancer and was partaking in chemotherapy. He recently moved from a one bedroom apartment in the complex to a two bedroom space, giving him a separate room from his girlfriend and her child so he could smoke medicinal marijuana to alleviate his pain.

Police were initially called to the apartment complex on the corner of Southeast Burnside and 122nd Avenue after a 9-1-1 call was received stating an argument had turned confrontational just before 3am. The caller was being threatened by a drunk man.

At 3:45am officers were called again, with the caller saying the threatening man now had armed himself with a 9mm handgun, apparently willing to shoot it.

This is the fourth officer involved shooting this year.

The names of the officers involved have not yet been released, but they have been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation, in what the bureau claim is standard protocol, despite mixed messages on this in the past from the police union.

After an internal investigation, Portland Police Chief Michael Reese announced November 17th that Officer Frashour who murdered Aaron Campbell last January will be fired. Three other officers face disciplinary action for their involvement in the shooting.

Jack Collins, a distraught homeless man with self inflicted wounds was shot dead in Hoyt Arboretum after he failed to drop a razor blade he was holding. Four shots were fired with the fatal blow striking an artery in his Pelvis.

James P. Chasse Jr., a 42-year-old man with schizophrenia was knocked to the ground after running from officers who suspected he was urinating in a street. He later died in police custody from blunt force trauma to the chest on September 17th 2006.

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