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Mikey Davis (Mikey XVX): A rapist in our midst (trigger warning)

Michael Harley Davis (Mikey XVX or Lion of Cascadia) is a rapist. He has lived in Portland for a few years. A couple days ago he fled to Idaho. Folks need to know about him so they can keep themselves safe.
Mikey Davis has repeatedly raped, manipulated, and used his friends as resources (while trashing them behind their backs). He has used punk, anarchist, feminist, queer, and vegan straight edge identities to get people to trust him, while continuing to fuck people over from those communities. For example, he repeatedly ate non-vegan food (despite claiming to be a vegan), but would publicly humiliate an ex-partner for eating freegan food.

He is emotionally manipulate and projects his character flaws onto other people. In almost all of his romantic relationships, he has claimed that he was abused or screwed over by the other person, when in reality he was the abuser. Mikey makes up lies about his friends in order to play them against each other and keep them separated.

Mikey especially targets women who are small, young, or have child-like characteristics. He is very attracted to the idea of violent sex with people much younger than him. He becomes distraught when he is not in control of a situation, and does whatever he can to regain control.

Mikey was recently confronted about his abusive behavior. He willingly owned the word "rapist." He admits that he has repeatedly raped, abused, manipulated, lied, and slandered people who considered him a friend. He has shown no remorse at all for his heinous behavior.

Mikey is forbidden from entering any safer, radical, or progressive spaces, or punk shows. He is not permitted to use any social networking websites other than facebook.

Two nights ago he was picked up by his step-father, and fled back to Boise, Idaho (against the rules imposed on him by his accountability team). It is possible that he may try to escape to Salt Lake City. MAKE SURE THIS FOLLOWS HIM. Wherever he goes, he is a threat.

Videos of former friends confronting him may be found here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/cuttheshitmikey

If you wish to tell Mikey what you think of rapists, abusers, and worthless excuses for human beings you may contact him at 208-371-1125 or  mikedaviskills@gmail.com. His former AIM screenname (which he may continue to use) is battalionoftrees. His current AIM screenname is lionofcascadia.

note 19.Dec.2010 14:16


Mikey Davis is not the same person as Mike XVX, the vegan folk singer.

In response to the confessed rapist that shares my name. 19.Dec.2010 15:46

Mike XVX

To PDX, Boise and everyone involved,

I'm writing this in response to the recent confession of the rapist and pedophile in Portland who happens to share my name. I don't want there to be any confusion about our identities, and although he identifies as vegan straight edge and goes by the moniker "Mikey XVX" I have no connection to this person in any way shape or form. I also want to state that the fact that someone tacks on "XVX" at the end of their name in no way makes them part of the Vegan Straight Edge community, and that it's an awful coincidence that this shameful person would claim to be part of it.

As would anyone who has read the description of his confession, I was horrified and disgusted by what I learned. His confession reads like a horror story; gruesome, sadistic and tragic. I've been told there have been attempts to hold an accountability process with him and that he's been resistant to it, stating that he'll never change and attempting to lie his way out of it. Though I can't predict the outcome of this process, it's important that we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and the community from this person and inform anyone we know about his history of sexual violence towards his former partners. I'll keep this short since some folks have already sent out emails about it, but I felt it was important for me to make this statement to avoid any misunderstandings. There's a photo circulating around, so keep an eye out for Michael Davis. He's an incredibly dangerous and opportunistic person, and whether or not he's willing to work with this group, there are no doubts about his clear history of sexual violence and mental illness and his own beliefs of entitlement and domination of womyn and children. Good luck to those involved in his process, and thank you to everyone out there who takes a stand against male domination, patriarchy and rape.

For the survivors,
Mike XVX

I honestly find this 19.Dec.2010 21:49


very weird. I think that if someone is living with you and you feel that they're using you, for 2 years (!), that at some point you do have some responsibility for the situation as well. Not that the dude isn't an asshole, but you also have to make boundaries for yourself and enforce them. Someone can't use you like this without your consent. If we're talking about something like a violent rape or assault, that's different of course.

I have been treated very badly at some points in my life. I mean VERY badly. But I learned from those times that generally if there is a pattern of me being treated badly, that I needed to learn boundaries, courage, and self-respect. I will not be treated in certain ways again. And it's not because I have thrown all the bad guys out of my community, because you can never get them all out, but because I am no longer a target for them.

I'm not sure that I agree with this kind of public "outing" unless this guy is a complete sociopath, which I'm not really sure that he is.

@ poppy 21.Dec.2010 14:24

yes he is a violent rapist

and a sociopath. Some of the content of the public outing of Mikey as a rapist has been removed from youtube due to privacy concerns, but I watched it before it was removed, and there is NO EXCUSE at all for what he did, and no question as to whether or not he is a rapist. He admits it in his own words.

Consenting to sexual contact does not mean that you have consented to whatever the other wants to do. Consenting to a relationship does not mean that you consent to being raped and abused in that relationship. Consenting to trying to help a person overcome their character faults does not equal consent to being abused by that person.

As for the responsibility of the survivor, well, she survived, and took part in outing Mikey, hopefully reducing the amount of further harm that Mikey could cause others. I would say that that was very responsible and very goddamn courageous.