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Survival Preparedness Store comes to PORTLAND!

A new small business has come to the rose city with much to offer local activists...
Good Afternoon,

I'm contacting the readers of Portland.Indymedia today to inform you of a very positive news story that has come to Portland, Oregon.

Over the course of the last several years, our planet has been experiencing larger scale earthquakes and has seen some fairly large shaking within our country's economic system.

Im pleased to announce that the Portland Preparedness Center has arrived.

We are a new small business to Portland and our business is helping people get prepared for most any disaster that one might find themselves in.

Zombie Apocalypse ready? YES!

Our new store specializes in Long Term Food Storage, Water Filters and Storage, Medical Supplies, Camping Gear, an expansive "how to" book selection, and much more.

We hoping that we may reach out to your readers because we are planning to host FREE preparedness classes here at the center as well as offering a meet-up for members of our community with an interest in meeting others of like minds.

We feel that the opening of our new small business is very timely and we hope to be able to help our community and city thrive in these uncertain times.

Feel free to come down to the store or give us a call at


Our address is 7202 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97213

We hope to speak with you soon.


PS...Friday nights are movie nights at 7pm...FREE

Saturday afternoons are meetup times for like minds to meet each other...


homepage: homepage: http://portlandprepared.com