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Non-Thesis Master Degree Programs In Bioogy For You

If you have a dream to get a masters degree in biology but you don't want to do a thesis then you must read this story.
I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort searching for non-thesis masters degree programs in biology. I looked at 500 public universities and 224 private universities. I looked at private universities based soley on tuition of $700 per credit or less. I figured $700 per credit times 40 credits for a masters degree would be about $28,000. I searched all 50 states when I looked at public and private colleges. I was trying to find non-thesis masters degree programs in biology with these characteristics: 1. No paper 2. No project. 3. No foreign language requirements and 4. No food group programs ( these are programs where you must take X many credits from group A-Cell biology, Group B- Environmental courses, Group C- Botany or Zoology courses ). That is an example describing food group programs. In the list below I have divided the non-thesis masters degrees in biology into programs with no paper or project and programs requiring a paper or project. In evaluating programs I only considered how many zoology courses or credits were offered at this university with as few as possible core credits or requirements. So I came up with 3 rankings to describe zoology courses and credits. And these are !. Few good courses, 2. Some good courses, and 3. Very good courses. If you have not guessed already I want a non-thesis masters degree program with no core courses or requirements and plenty of zoology electives. I have a very important caveat to the rankings I have listed above. As an example to many graduate programs stated that graduate students must take courses numbered 600 and 700. The majority of the credits ( more than half ) must be at the 700 level. Surprise! Surprise! All of the zoology courses were at the 600 level. At the 700 level you will find courses in cell biology, microbiology, genetics, immunology, seminars, and very few zoology courses. In this case and cases like it I would assign a program like this a rank of few good courses. In the course of my research I have discovered we have an oversupply or glut of what I call ( cell biology and seminar ) programs. These programs have way to much courses in cell biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, seminars and very few zoology courses. Another salient point I need to make about the list of programss I have composed. Next to some universities I have added the letter (T) in parenthesis. The letter (T) in parenthesis means that this website is terrible. In these cases I found it extremely difficult to find out the requirements for the masters degree and/or the course offerings. For example try Iowa State University website which is terrible to navigate and then try the website of California State University at Hayward which is easy to find out about program requirements and courses. Frankly I do not understand why ( In the biology department for example ) graduate program requirements, graduate courses, we have a wonderful program ( but they won't tell you anything else ), undergraduate program requirements, undergraduate courses, admission requirements, and graduate students currently enrolled ( to list a few pages for example ) all have to be on seperate pages scattered all over the university website. Why can't I just go to the biology department website and click an icon to take me to one of these pages? I also strongly feel thet somebody should set up a website about non-thesis masters degrees in biology. I'm sure most people have had or heard of courses where the only person passing the class was the professor teaching the course or we have had or heard of courses which are less interesting than reading the white pages of the phone book. We need a website where people can comment on biology courses, programs ( and their requirements ), professors, new programs and programs which have been discontinued. I do not have the computer skills to set up and maintain such a website but I sincerely hope that somebody will take up this project. There are books for various graduate school programs and degrees. There is a book detailing U.S. Medical Schools and books detailing Law Schools, MBA programs ( Master of Business Administration ), maybe MSN programs ( Master of Science Nursing ) and other graduate degree programs. There are no books listing and detailing non-thesis masters degrees in biology programs. I strongly feel that we need such a book to be published on a yearly basis. I know that many people will gripe and complain about my list of graduate programs and the commentary noting that I made mistakes. The only person who will be first in line with a legitimate complaint will be the person who publishes the book ( Non-Thesis Masters Degree Programs In Biology ) for three or more years. I figure the book will last on the reference shelf in the library while the website will be ignored and fade away. Before you start complaining and griping remember I did this research and reported on it. You did not!!!
Non-Thesis Masters Degrees In Biology which do not require a paper or project.
San Jose State University- Few good courses.
California State University at Hayward - Some good courses
Boise State University-Some good courses.
University of South Dakota-Few good courses
University of Nebraska at Kearney- Few good Courses
University of Nebraska at Omaha- Some good courses
University of Nebraska at Lincoln- Very Good courses.
Emporia State University- Some good courses (T)
Wichita State University- Few good courses
University of Wyoming
Eastern New Mexico University- Few good courses.
University of New Mexico-Few good courses.
New Mexico State University- Few good courses
University of Colorado at Denver- Few good courses
Missouri University of Science and Technology- Few good courses (T).
Iowa State University-Some good courses (T).
Eastern Illinois State University- Few good courses
Northeastern Illinois University - Few good courses (T).
Indiana State University- Few good courses (T).
Indiana University-Purdue University- Few good courses
Purdue University Calumet- Few good courses
Morehead State University- Some good courses
Murray State University- Some good courses, Foreign language required.
University of Kentucky- Few good courses.
Tennessee State University- Few good courses
University of Memphis - Few good coursee.
Miami University ( Oxford )- Some good courses
The Ohio State University Columbus- Some good courses (T)
Idaho State University - Few good courses
East Stroudsburg University- Very Good courses
College of William & Mary- Few good courses
James Madison University - Few good courses.
University of Virginia- Few good Courses
Marshall University -Few good courses (T)
Towson University- Few good courses
Rutgers University Newark - Few good courses
Rutgers University New Brunswick- Few good courses
Fitchburg State University - Few good courses
City College of the City University of New York- Some good courses
Hunter College of the city University of New York- Few good courses
Queens college of the city university of New York- Some good courses
State University of New York Binghamton-Few good courses (T)
State University of New York at Fredonia- Some good courses
State university of New York at New Paltz- Few good courses
Southern Connecticut State University - Some good courses
Winthrop University - Some good courses
University of West Georgia- Some good courses
Florida Atlantic University- Some good courses
Louisiana Tech University - Few good courses
Sul Ross State University = Few good courses
Texas A & M International University - Few good courses
University of North Texas - Few good courses Language requied
University of Michigan Ann Arbor- Some good courses
Wayne State University ( Michigan )- Few good courses
University of Missouri at St Louis- Few good courses
Saint Joseph College Connecticut - Few good courses
Depaul University Illinois- Few good courses
Georgia Court University New Jersey- Few good courses
Chatham University Pennsylvania- Few good courses
University of the Incarnate Word- Few good courses
Hampton University - Few good courses
Mississippi College- Few good courses
Non-Thesis Master Degrees Which require a paper or Project YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Washington state University- Project required
University of Idaho- Paper required, few good courses
University of North Dakota- Written study and oral defense some good coures
Fort Hays State university - Research report
Pittsburg State University- Master thesis or problem
University Of Kansas- Written report, very good courses
Oklahoma State University at Stillwater - project required
University of Colorado at Boulder - few good courses , paper required
University of Northern Colorado - Project required
Missouri State University Springfield- Two papers required
Northwest Missouri State University- Few good courses, paper required
Southeast Missouri State University- Some good courses , paper required