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Anti-Racists Ask: “Know these Nazis? Give Us Information.”

"Wanted" Posters Distributed in Oregon City and Milwaukie

Clackamas County, Oregon - On the night of Saturday, December 11, militant anti-racists distributed over a hundred "Wanted" posters in Oregon City and downtown Milwaukie. The posters, which were stapled and pasted in both locations, ask for community members to provide information on individuals associated with Volksfront International, a major white supremacist organization. Volksfront members live and socialize in the areas where the posters were distributed. The neo-Nazis pictured in the "Wanted" poster are: Nicholas and Leah Cheshire, Richard and Crystal Arden, as well as key Volksfront leader Justin Ryan Martin. The poster is available at:
small poster image
small poster image
The following day, December 12, anti-fascists released another appeal for information, leaking 120 photos of Volksfront members and their gatherings to the activist website Portland Indymedia, and asking information on those pictured. The photo albums are available online at:

Volksfront International is a neo-Nazi organization that was founded in 1994 in the Oregon prison system. It has gone on to establish a presence in several North American locations as well as in Europe and Australia, although the greater Portland area remains its hotbed. Volksfront has a long history of violence--including murder--and anti-fascists felt it imperative to warn community members of the white power organizers in their midst. On the day of the anti-racist poster distribution, December 11, several Volksfront members had traveled to Whidbey Island, Washington, to commemorate Robert Jay Matthews, a white supremacist of the Silent Brotherhood / "The Order" terrorist group who died in a confrontation with federal authorities there in 1984. Volksfront is also part of the greater white supremacist movement that Rose City Antifascists believe to be responsible for the shooting of anti-racist Luke Querner in downtown Portland on March 27 of this year.

The poster distribution was carried out by members and friends of Rose City Antifa. "We hope that people will remember the faces on the posters, and stay safe" says Helen of Antifa, "The neo-Nazis of Volksfront thrive in secrecy; we encourage the public to be aware, and to contact us when these bigots raise their heads."

For more information, please contact Rose City Antifascists at  fight_them_back@riseup.net or 971.533.7832 (voicemail.)

homepage: homepage: http://rosecityantifa.org
phone: phone: 971-533-7832 (vm)