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What was Emo? What is Alternative!

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ALTERNATIVE music, almost no one realizes meant "Alternative to something commercially viable." In other words it was music that people simply liked; for personal reasons. not something that would sell very well to mass audiences.

I guess you may have a point in calling green day emo. But it's off the mark. Emo is hot topic. Emo is alternatives retartarded evil clone.

Alternative/slacker movement of the 1990's represented an oppositional LIFESTYLE to mainstream living. A life driven by corprate (facist) culture.

Affluence, snobbery, of the 80's pushed a lot of people into the gutter.

A lot like today, decent hardworking american families were losing homes and standards of living were in the process of going down the toilet. Families that relied on good factory jobs and middle class livings were all of a sudden being reduced to mom, once dignified now working two minimum wage burger jobs to pay rent; kinda like today.

And all the taxes and money people put into the system just came back at them in the form of more prisons and police.

Alternative was a direct rejection of the whole system prompting the slacker movement. :: IF any taxes I pay, or work that I do, only serves to enrich the very system that enslaves me why contribute at all?::

Which is where all your indy labels, and bands have spawned from DOOD.

Corporate culture was shaken to the core. The Music industry has never recovered and in turn has lashed out at fans (and business') trying to sue anyone and everyone they can to survive. (napster lawsuit stuff)

*EMO is a direct corporate response to that*

In a sense big brother (if I may) decided if it "couldn't beat them, join them" and REDEFINED youth culture through it's stores :hot topic/spencers: (probably owned by dr. evil types). They took the fashions, diluted the sounds and music, took out the bite, took out the teeth. THEY REMOVED THE CONTENT and sold it back to retarded kids of today who dont' know there shoes from a hole in the ground as what "it" was. But it's not what it was at all. It is an illusion of culture. It is culture without substance. It is culture without meaning. It is a book without words, the pages have all been erased and smiley face picture book instead of a damn bible.

Green day is NOT EMO specifically because it is and was music by REAL PEOPLE for real people. It is from the soul, and it has a message. The message is "tune on, turn in, drop out" Tim leary.

brain stew is about getting stoned, getting high on marijauna!!!!!!!!!

an illegal, and at the time, much less popular activity. At the time it was rather avant-garde. Not like now, it is so widespread pot is mainstream and accepted.

The whole album is essentially about escapism, into your mind, and the struggle to get back out. Out of a world you are steeped and stuck in, that only wishes to use you as a pawn for some rich assholes bankaccount.

About a kid, living in suburban hell and wanting out, any way he can. To truth, reality and happiness.


EMO is about DE-POWERMENT. Making people sad, and helpless so the corporations can suck our money for 'fashion' and our brains, and souls.

Alternative had no 'fashion'. It was about feeling good in whatever clothes you had to wear, old jeans, a shitty flanel shirt. Your own wierd haircut (chelsea)

Emo is about buying shit from the mall (like the 80s!!! oh yay! fuck me)

and feeling sorryforyourself and helpless.

Please do not insult me, or my 'movement' MY 60'S.

By comparing me, (or greenday for that matter) to the trash of today.

We were about personal empowerment in the face of adversity. David v. goliath

Today is about money, empty fashion, empty culture, just money and using people. And emo is zombie retard shit.

Sure greenday 'sounds' emo, emo copied them to sell records at the mall. And the kids of today fell for it hook, line and sinker.

But greenday kicks ass. And to sum up, as we used to say in the 1990's dude, "If you have to ask (what it's all about)... YOU WILL NEVER KNOW (what it's all about)"

""TRUE EMO KID was most likely emo before this was a stupid fad. May shop at hot topic, but only if they actually like the clothing, ""

What the fuck? see my point, they buy corporate culture (only if they like it) what the fuck??? KURT COBAIN WOULD NEVER SUPPORT THE AMERICAN DEATH MACHINE AND NEITHER WOULD I.

Emo kids on the other hand, would.. if it's fashionable. OK THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE 90'S WAS REBELLING ABOUT THE 80'S.

Being about the fashion, fuck the politics.

Alternative was fuck the fashion. all about the politics.