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Cryptome founder thinks the Wikileaks debacle is a set up for internet regulation

Cryptome.org's John Young, "the original Wikileaker," warns that Assange is being set up to be the fall guy for a massive lurch towards Internet censorship
Right- I know- Alex Jones?! I only go there because he's good at catching news about things related to police state issues.

Instead of just ranting about Assange being evil and ignoring the corporate greed angle like most right wingers he's backing his claims up with a guy who worked for Wikileaks at one point and founded the site Cryptome.org.


Alex Jones is sometimes wrong on his theories and predictions like Swine Flu wiping out the population but sometimes his site has good stuff.

IMHO maybe Assange has done a good thing part of me thinks he lost his mind to dump all this information at once. Incurring the wrath of most all of the industrialized nations by dumping their crap at one time is bad strategy if not suicidal.