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Analysis of Wikileak Leaks from a Military Perspective

Yep. Hum. Something to think about!
from a blog comment by Stan:

I'm thinking tactics again... we are on about that occasionally, and about the asymmetry we are seeing with the Wikileaks cyberwar that has broken out. It's absolutely fascinating, leaderless resistance blowing holes in Transnationals' websites. Damn.

So when I see "not like an airstrike," I am thinking the opposite of what you meant, that is, that this is far more damaging than an airstrike (against the ruling class, and this is definitely a class war). In tactico-strategic terms, this is analogous in war to a fall in morale.

Some people undercount morale as a factor in a fighting force of whatever kind. They think it is like a bad attitude, I'm hungry, scared, tired, and I'm just not motivated. Unit morale is a different thing altogether. A unit can be scared and tired and hungry, and still be highly motivated. It is a spirit, a collective consciousness, morale, and it happens in response to a loss of faith between members of the unit. Hunger is not an indication of bad morale. Gossip, back-biting, clique-formation, power struggles... those are the morale-killers.

Strong scary units can be defeated by weak ones if the strong side lacks morale and the weak side has it. That's the only way I know how to describe it.

The Wikileaks releases of all these documents is like a pulse-beam weapon fired from outer-space that destroys a bunch of morale cells in our brains... their brains.

That's why I think we will see a phase shift now with regard to the internet. The conditions were ripe, a decade of political disillusionment, and this kid in the army decides to contact this experimental site... talk about unpredictability! Now there is a real, honest-to-goodness cyberwar, with thousands of people using an ineradicable (for the time being) mass-technology to attack giant corporations... but here's the interesting part, by launching what can only be called a Boydian OODA-assault.

The ruling class has to see this as an incredible emergency, on par in ways with the loss of control that Johnson and Nixon experienced. And they are about to fight back. A flurry of legislation to come down the pike trying to gain control over the internet. And it will be met with resistance by the netroots folks, who are imo formidable, as well as people figuring out new ways to communicate faster than a lumbering bureaucracy can keep up (Boyd again).

Wikileaks - and any other emerging experimental counter-communications systems - is nonviolent, non-dogmatic, and it forces them to slow down in their destructive activities to concentrate on damage control. Very very interesting times.

This is a very real mass rebellion now.