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Killer cop who costed millions in lawsuits gets promoted

Despite Besner's history, the bureau said he has "an excellent record."
I'm fired up he still has a job after the city loosing lawsuits over his misconduct several times. The chief argues in the article anyone can file a tort.. but he LOST them several times and now he's promoted.

Despite Besner's history, the bureau said he has "an excellent record."

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not so fast there 10.Dec.2010 07:15

Rumor Mongerer

this promotion--according to persistent rumors on the street--will be very short lived!

get to know officer Leo Besner 10.Dec.2010 07:59

from G2KPDX.com


According to an article in the Oregonian, Leo Besner is one of the cops who was successfully sued for detaining 3 black men at a downtown parking garage in the early morning after St. Patrick's Day 2007 at gunpoint for 40 minutes without any explanation as to why the men were being held. Additionally, the men say that Besner hit one of them multiple times in the groin and "questioned his manhood" during the illegal detainment. None of the men were arrested. All had clean records and no history of violence.

Additionally, according to the same article, "in 2005, while he was a sniper with the Special Emergency Reaction Team, Besner shot a suicidal man who was holding a weapon in the backyard of a duplex. The man was on the phone with a police negotiator at the time. The city paid the man's family $500,000." The name of that man was Raymond Gwerder, and he was apparently on the phone with the police negotiator talking about his dog when Besner shot him in the back. According to the Oregonian, Besner was not in communication with the police negotiating team when he shot Gwerder.

In 2003 Besner and another transit officer questioned and threw to the pavement a 15-year-old Latina girl who, while waiting for a bus home from school in Old Town, reached into her friend's pants pocket to remove a soda bottle. The lawsuit that followed cost the city a $140,000 settlement.

"Portland ordered to pay $175,000 to three men in false arrest"
The Oregonian, September 28, 2009

"Claims against Portland police officers cost city millions"
The Oregonian, December 10, 2009
 link to www.oregonlive.com

THANKS FOR REMINDER G2K 10.Dec.2010 09:25


How is this even possible? Based on your eloquent recap (thanks) I don't see how he could even be considered. It is a mockery of (sic) justice. Get to know these bad cops... they have guns and carte blanche to run rouge with promotions and impunity. This is a slap in the face of those who want Police Accountability.

Thanks again G2K

I am being Blackmailed by the Police at the threat of Death 12.Dec.2010 18:28

Terry Wagar

The Portland police and the county sheriff's are blackmailing me at the threat of Death, they threaten they will kill family members and me if I don't do what they want!

They brag on audio Death Threats!
Authority's Death Threat
Authority's Death Threat