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Video: What Every Portland Resident Needs To Know About Our Water System

Public Access program featuring a power point presentation by Friends of Safe Drinking Water concerning the plans by City authorities to cover Portland reservoirs and add toxic chemicals.

What every Portland resident needs to know about our water system
Scott Fernandez of Friends of Safe Drinking Water, appearing on the Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." Some of the points covered by the discussion:

? Cryptosporidium, the supposed reason for this massive rebuilding of our water system, is a red herring. A catastrophic sewage event in Milwaukee, Wisc., the rationale for requiring Cryptosporidium treatment?was caused by raw sewage in the drinking water, not Cryptosporidium.

? No unfiltered water system has had a public health problem from Cryptosporidium. There are and have been no microbial or chemical microbial public health problems from open reservoirs.

? New federal regulations requiring covered reservoirs will actually decrease our water quality by adding toxins and carcinogens such as Radon and ethers. Closed and covered reservoirs have EPA-documented public health problems, such as deaths from microorganisms.

? EPA regulation is flawed and scientifically unsupported because of poor methodologies.

? City of Portland Bull Run Treatment Panel in 2002 found that added treatment will show no measurable public health benefit. In 2004, the independent review panel found no need or public health benefit to eliminate open reservoirs.

? Portland water bills, which have already jumped 34 percent in the last two years, will double in less than five years.

Fernandez also discusses the failed reservoir covering in Seattle which was designed by the same engineer working on the Portland project.

What I took away from this extremely educational Power Point presentation is that this effort to cover the reservoirs is a business decision, not a health or community service decision. The situation needs massive intervention by the public, contacting the City Commissioners, the Mayor and the Congressional delegation, particularly David Wu.

The web site for Friends of Safe Drinking Water is currently under construction and will be back on line in a week or so.

homepage: homepage: http://www.friendsofsafedrinkingwater.org