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force the offshore 3rd world billiionares pay proper port rates and ..
share the progreesss in a more efficient advanced quality devollopment...without allowing consolidations to go to free market extremes that bring back bad side -effects when ignorant sloppy drinking and thinking industrialist regurgitating 150 years of bad job creations at the subjugation of toxic annihiliation of sustainable for the impenetrable oil and gas lobby the fuels bogus alternatives that destroy more water use, food supply to comubustionable engines that cant get same gas mileage of a 1970 honda civic ( 50 m.p.g.).... no more subsidies or any 90% backktax on shareholder dividends that came from soybean corn speculators undermining world markets with commodity unsustainable farming ideas that need to be shelved or in case of farm raisd and aquaculture modifieds..shutdown the backdoor revenue from offshore account originating with mickey arison, abu dhabi investmeent authority,, kohlberg , kravis and roberts and friends in south america,,,( solve the slum.. go get the logs being shipped to the bourgosie of vanity elsewhere))
genting berhad, aqua bounty (investor relations contace in united kingdom regarding lobbying and wasting time of united states f.d.a. so they can count bogus science estimates of tallying seafood in oceans health by counting bogus aquaculture estimates of millions to offset impacts from ongoing concern of proliferated international marititme organization underminings of safety and maintenance that need to be replaced throughout with u.s. citizens taking over the ships that keep using our ports to make us poorer and more hungry and less strong given nature of present trade policy that makes room for malt liqour and fortified wine and other undermining products that fill land fills and deposits cancerous tumors from need to boycott china till they hire us..to change quality of products offered....