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Poetry, The Way to Freedom

Guy donnies brother....
this was too beautiful, had to post as own title
The real answer, the real control lies in us living our own lives, free from 'their' interference.
And it's actually much harder than it looks, you must give up sweatshop clothes. You must give up fast food,
you must give up anything that supports the war machine. And essentially this involves transforming into a sort of - hippie.
Once they no longer receive tax money. Once 'they' no longer have new recruits. Their words will be as meaningless and empty, as
their lonely, powerless actions. With no one to support them, and no one pay for their guns they will be as useless as a stray. . . .
treat them as they treat us. The mirror is powerful. It is exactly as powerful as those whom you hold it against. And more, it also
has the power of you.