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Electoral College and the Bilderburg Connection

Ancient history of the US electoral college
goes back to 13th century German/Roman Empire
It is the cause of all our problems
America is founded on ancient principles of law and rule evolved over the millennia.
The Golden Bull is the name of the first Set of law for the 'Holy' roman empire ~1246
Every year the 7 'cure'/crown princes 6 + 1 (bohem) meet with the 'emperor': one for each 'ore realm' [current day bilderburgs]
our electoral college is a hardcore version of the cure/crown princes who elect the emperor: a 'divine' right given to them,
the 'people' are wholly unworthy of such a 'privilege'.
That is why even though since the first Gallup poll in 1944 about it, and populist opinion against it, it persists.
Golden bull name is taken/redefined from pagan days of idol worship.
These people refuse to let humanity evolve and cling insanely and desperately to old forms of diety worship
most modern masonry being a redirected form of Christianity towards satan worship (no shit) reference -"Ephesians 5:11" anti-mason webpage-
Masonism is an even more ancient form of earth worship / sacred geometrical connections between the physical and spiritual world
pi / golden ration etc.
although it does say in the bible not to "measure the heavens or earth for it is gods" or something
because it distracts you from gods purpose for us here which is to simply have fun and take care of each other (making friends laugh, sharing beer)
Which is exactly what the 'evil one(s)' want, is for us to ruin the earth, spend our lives working(semi-wage-enslaved) and die, unhappy,
and unfulfilled never sharing gods true wonders of the earth