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Video: Toga Africa Solidarity - A protest in Washington DC on 3.25.10

I filmed this interview while in DC last March.
I intended to post this much sooner to help spread their message and voice for justice.
It was an interview I did with a group standing on the park across from the White House.
togocity website banner for Toga Africa Solidarity
togocity website banner for Toga Africa Solidarity
These were folks, who traveled from all over the US in representing Toga Africa, and they were trying to get a meeting with Obama regarding the Human rights violations and injustice that is going on and has been for too long.

I just happened to be walking by when I noticed they had signs a message to say.
I asked a few sign holders what it was about and thus is this recording from that day:

What I understand and have read is that the country has been oppressed and violently ruled by
one particular family / military for around 43 years.

There is not much information on Toga when I just searched the words "Toga Africa"...

But when I added the search words "human rights violations" along with "Toga Afric" lots of links popped up.

Trying to share what Im learning - please learn and share what you know about Toga' struggle for justice with others.

In Solidarity
((( i )))

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