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PROTEST RALLY Against Clear (cell towers) Installations in Portland Neighborhoods

rally saturday december 4th at 2-3:30 pm, pioneer square, downtown portland oregon. to protest new clearwire tower installations in portland neighborhoods.
We got an email from the people living in Mt Tabor neighborhood who don't want any new high power 3 and 4G cell towers from Clear near their homes and children's schools etc.:


Thanks again for signing the petition for better cell tower regulation in Portland. We just passed 550 petitions this week, together with Woodstock & Eastmoreland where Clearwire is moving in fast on 39th and Knapp- adjacent to two schools and a children's music group.

We're holding a RALLY at Pioneer Square tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm-3:30pm on the sidewalk area ringing the square. This is legal and we have been cleared by the City. It's important you attend to show our strength in numbers, and send a strong message to our elected officials so they pay attention at City hall and in D.C. where they find this issue too "high risk" politically (or at least Merkley's staffers think so). Other elected officials like Blumenauer won't even "touch" the conversation (except Dingfelder and Cannon who are really supportive). At City Hall, Amanda Fritz acts like she's on our side but we're still wondering about that. Waiting to hear from Sam Adams before Christmas.

More info on the Rally here:

or here www.noclearwiretower.com (or new sister site and group in SE we've been collaborating with).

Thanks for your help, hope to see you at the rally!

---------------------END OF EMAIL--------

So everyone who is concerned about these untested, health-damaging SERIOUSLY HIGH-POWERED radiation sources being installed by the gross-load in Portland, PLEASE join the rally! while you're at it, go to their website and sign their petition....www.notabortower.com (btw that reads noTaborTower)

Great Advertising 05.Dec.2010 13:41


Next time if you want to organise an event and have people turn other than your crew don't post it at 3am on the day of the action...

we got this email only a few hours before 10.Dec.2010 02:58


the people involved are totally grassroots, they aren't pro organizers. we just got this email during the day a few hours before i posted it. But true, it needed more time and more publicity in order to work better for more attendance. Hopefully I can get some followup on here soon, we'll see.

The people from Mt Tabor who put on this rally, didn't ask me to publicize it. I just did it independently, thinking it was a worthy and important event and they might get more people that way. But it also helps put them on the map here as to who they are and what they are doing, maybe people can network with them even though many had to miss this rally because of too-short notice.