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Questions to be answered

Sibel Edmonds has specific questions that can be used to verify if Wikileaks is on the up and up or and Israeli Mossad operation.
1- 1994-1996: Communication pertaining to joint US-Turkey operations against former Azerbaijani president Heydar Aliyev, including at least one 'mock' assassination attempt in Azerbaijan.

2- 1994-1997: Communication between the US State Department, US Embassy in Ankara, and Turkish Prime Minister's office pertaining to using the Azerbaijan president's family members' (including his son Ilham Aliyev) casino debts accumulated in Turkey as means to blackmail on the Pipeline project and Russia's pending proposal.

3- 1994-1995: Communication pertaining to US-Turkey coordination on transferring several groups of Mujahideen from Pakistan-Afghanistan-Saudi Arabia to Bosnia via Turkey using Turkish special military planes into Turkey, and after granting Mujahideen Turkish passports, via NATO planes from Turkey to several Balkan countries, including Romania.

4- 1994-1997: Communication pertaining to US involvement in Turkish casino expansions in Azerbaijan and free-ownership (partnership) being granted to key Azeri political figures and their family members for future 'leverage'.

5- 1994-1997: Communication pertaining to US 'off the book' money transfers to Turkish paramilitary members and the president of Kazakhstan using several accounts in Cyprus' First Merchant Bank.

6- 1994-1997: Communication pertaining to US 'off the book' wire transfers through Cyprus' First Merchant Bank to two Chechen leaders with Turkish citizenship for prearranged arm procurement deals via front dealers in Dubai.

7- 1995-1997: Communication pertaining to US negotiation with two top Turkish casino owners for casino projects to be established in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan with Cyprus' First Merchant Bank acting as the primary banking conduit; the bank's primary role: conduit for payments obtained for US weapons' shipment transfer to 'black-listed' recipients via False End User Certificates

8- 1995: Communications pertaining to special requests by the US Embassy in Ankara for the immediate release of Yasar OZ, who was detained by DEA in New Jersey on heroin importing and distribution charges. Per US State Department order Yasar OZ was immediately released and his file became classified.

9- 1996-1997: Communication pertaining to 'evacuating' (pulling out) then US Ambassador to Turkey Marc Grossman, due to a 'secret' warrant by the Susurluk commission seeking his testimony on involvement with illegal Turkish paramilitary operations targeting the Caucasus and Central Asia.

10- 1997-1998: Communication pertaining to a 'special request' for urgently granting US residency to Turkish paramilitary director Mehmet Eymur, who directed several criminal operations, including assassination plots against foreign leaders, as part of joint US- 'Special' NATO operations in Central Asia and the Caucasus.