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Democrats giving away money to the rich?

It appears the Dems will break down and not let the tax cuts expire...
Cold Orb
Cold Orb
Looks like the Dems are going to give more to the rich. The kabuki show continues.. Well most congress folks are millionaires, but we will see, perhaps they will get raise too.

Alright Democrats! 02.Dec.2010 23:41

Ecotopian Yeti

This is so funny. Remind me when I wake up from this funny dream to tell everyone about the dream where an elitist elected group cut the safety net of the unemployed while giving over money to the wealth elite. This is so funny. I can not want to wake up. I am so glad I am an independent that votes Green because when we are all in the soup lines at the local evangelical church I can say "I did not vote for them. Can I have some more gruel, please? Oh yes Jesus is the Lord. Now may I have some more gruel, please?"