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Call to Action!!!! Direct Democracy Now!!!

An Indirect Democracy (Roman/Imperial Republic) is the problem
Direct Democracy is the answer
constitutional amendment now!
An Indirect Democracy (Roman/Imperial Republic) "In which citizens vote for an elite of representatives who then vote for laws."
Vote for ''elites'' who make the laws. That is the problem. Elites are running the show because under our constitution they are legally the allowed to do so!!! Which is why they can/ do operate outside the law, and public opinion. They have final say.
It was set up this way intentionally to keep "common people's decisions are affected by their self-interests".
To keep common people from voting for their intrests. So the elites could rule and we'd be happy with what they 'chose' to give us. Like kings of old.

We need a constitutional Ammendment for direct democracy (no electoral college, direct democracy) to steer this ship from the rocks@@@@@!!!!

cribbed from '''federalist papers #10''' aka the empire strikes back.

Direct Democracy Now!!!!~!