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The Freemasons, Simplified

read the title genius
The Freemasons were initially a fraternity of scientist's and philosophers who met in secret to avoid persecution from the 'church'.
They built some amazing buildings. Anyone smart enough to figure out their symbols and follow their secret signs was a member essentially.
In later times it evolved into a never-ending labyrinth of cryptograms designed to ensnare the 'enlightened' and keep them busy, out of politics and independent/critical social life- but a directed social life away from the throne's power. Made up of members of the court specifically to keep them distracted from the courts serious affairs leaving the throne unencumbered.
Since evolving over such a long time it is all of these things and more, a science club, a crossword puzzle, a puppet group.
To this day 'freemasons' or free enlightened sovereign men (as opposed to serfs/slaves) have extra free unhassled travel around the world and occasional lamo perks, like winks from strangers and free coffee (not the good stuff tho).

Spread the story, it doesn't get around very much on it's own.

The bible is polluted with stone mason jargon like St. Peter's keys (peter=petro's -=- or stone_ aka stone masons keys) or a 'lewis' a device stone masons use to lift stone. ETC

With that you should be able to figure the rest out easily.

took you long enough. . . it was sad no one could figure it out on their own by now so .. game called. Good game, good game, good game,

Follow Up References Concerning Free Masonry 04.Dec.2010 11:25

lost templar

For an extensive study of the influence of Free Masons in architecture, Shakespeare, the Bible, and the founding of the Untied States, view the following DVD presentations: New Atlantis, Riddles In Stone, and The Hidden Faith. These presentations contain an excellent retort to right wing Christian dominionists who promote the idea that the United States was founded as a "Christian" nation with a mission to bring "justice" to the "savage" pagan nations of the world.