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Radix Media is SO CLOSE!!

Radix Media needs your help!
Friends and allies,

We have great news - Radix Media is just $1,055 shy of reaching our $5,000
goal on Kickstarter! It's been a long, hard road but we've nearly there.
Even if all of our Facebook friends pledged $5, we'd hit our goal; $10,
and we would exceed our goal, which makes it all the more easier to get
the equipment we need to make this print shop and publishing operation

For those of you who have already pledged, we can't thank you enough!
There are a mere 36 hours to go, though, and remember that Kickstarter is
all or nothing. If we don't hit the $5,000 goal, we won't get the $4,080
we've already raised. So we need your help! Please tell EVERYONE you
know about this project! Forward it to every listserv you're on, send it
to every family member you know of. If you haven't yet pledged money and
can swing it, please do so. If you've already pledged but want to bump it
up a little, you can do that too.

You can see our Kickstarter page by copying and pasting this link into
your browser:


We hope you'll help us achieve our dream!

In solidarity,
Radix Media

homepage: homepage: http://radixmedia.org