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economic justice

Let the Government Shutdown

Damn republicans are attacking the poor....Who will speak for earth?
Let the tax cuts expire. As the damn millionaire billionaire class conspire and cut unemployment try to stay out of the prion systems that these nuts have invested in.

As the deepened pain of poverty arises from this attack take heart that this may have some positive impact on the ecosystem.

Group together and share cost. Boycott flights, Amazon, and the system. If you have time learn and study. Sell your mutual fund off, sell your stocks, withdraw your monies and consider investing in something small.

Who will speak for earth?

Organize boycott of corporate goods 07.Apr.2011 10:55

rachelwaters freerwaters@gmail.com

In the face of the government shutdown, forcing thousands of workers to take forced time off without pay, we need more so than ever to speak out against the GOP tax cuts for the corporate wealthy...distribute fliers are government institutions to boycott all corporate products and institutions!