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Human Trafficker Identified in Portland Oregon

According to an anonymous source a Human Trafficker/ Pimp has been identified. Two women are known to have suffered at the hands of this man. The first, raped. The second, rescued.
This person, named Peter, known to suffer psoriasis, is accused of entrapping and luring young women into prostitution, and then selling them in Los Angeles, California.

Apparently Peter is addicted to speed and frequents downtown Portland bars. He has been known to prey upon young women in the Goth Industrial Scene. He has been accused of raping Goth Industrial Girls.

Peter lives at: 5815 SW Corbett Avenue, Portland, Oregon.

Where he continues to offer promises to young women -- a nice place to live at this residence. He then proceeds to abuse, humiliate, and encourages drug addiction. Essentially dehumanizing these vulnerable young women, where they are forced under threat of further harm, into following his directives. Once sufficiently subordinate, travel arrangements and job placements are made for the victim.