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New Store on Mississippi Avenue sells Fox Tails, Raccoon Tails, and other offensive shit

Paxton Gate, the new boutique on Mississippi Avenue, opened today in one of the retail spaces of the new condos at the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore. On display were fox tails, raccoon tails, and other atrocities.
body parts for sale
body parts for sale
body of dead bear on display in window
body of dead bear on display in window
In addition to selling actual tails of actual animals, they have the body of a dead bear in their window.

from the PAxton Gate PDX website 02.Dec.2010 22:39

Dec 15


Fan us on our Facebook page Paxton Gate PDX:  http://www.facebook.com/PaxtonGatePDX

Opening December 1st @ 11am.

Join us for our Grand Opening Party December 15th
from 8pm to 10pm for live music, beer, wine and h'ordeuvres.
With music by Vagabond Opera.

Email:  info@paxtongatepdx.com
4204 N. Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 719-4508