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Video: Forest Service is Privatizing Bagby Without Public Input

The United States Forest Service in the Mt. Hood National Forest has recently began remodeling the scenic and historic Bagby Hot Springs without seeking public comment. Further, they wish to Privatize this popular hot springs by handing it over to a for profit company.
Forest Service Ignores Public in Bagby Changes
Speaking to this issue during the November Bark hike to the proposed crossing of the Palomar pipe line site, hike leader Amy Harwood provides background and contact information for viewers to both weigh in on this privatization and request a public comment period.

Forest Service Ignores Public in Bagby Changes

Bark is calling for the Forest Service to hold a public meeting and comment period in the coming months before deconstruction of the remaining bathhouses occurs. Currently both group bathing areas have been rebuilt with the iconic log baths being removed and destroyed. The private baths remain, but with plans to replace those with baths rather than logs, as well.
Remember that since Bagby Hot Springs is on public land, any citizen of this country can let their voice be heard on this issue.
The construction has been sped up in the interest of attracting a private company to begin running the hot springs for the first time. This future change will lead to a new user fee for the hot springs, as well as new restrictions.
During the video, Amy remarks that this is an opportunity for a non profit group to step up and run the concession, rather than a for profit corporation.

For more on this story, listen to the OPB coverage.

Please contact the Forest Service and demand public input, using Bark's comment tool

Or contact Kathleen Walker at 503-622-3191, Ext. 641
email: kwalker@fs.fed.us

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org

Cougar Hot Springs Went "Private" Hoodoo Concess. -- Now Pretty Trash Ridden 01.Dec.2010 17:33

No Smokey

Forest Service insisted on making Eugene area hot springs a private consession. Hoodoo does nothing but collect money, leaves trash and microtrash.