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Join Us To Commemorate The Life And Wonder of Portland's Most Exotic Mobile Tea Horse...

Twelve years ago, City Repair and Janus Youth Organizations called upon hundreds of hands to help in the creation of a mobile Tea House. Aptly titled the T Horse, a funky old pickup was transformed into a creature with skin made from photos from around the world, a set up 10' wings and a hutch in the back that serves tea and instant community.

Alas, the T Horse in her current incarnation is almost no more. Her bones need to rest, but before we say goodbye...
We Invite You All To Join Us In One Final Commemoration, One Final Hurrah and to give great thanks to this creature that has given us so much!
Hear Ye Hear Ye

For the past twelve years The T Horse has traveled from Parking lots and backyards to parks and Festival grounds. Wherever she has gone, community has emerged along with delicious, free chai tea, scrumptious treats and the sort of conversation that can only happen when you're sitting on rugs and pillows beneath an enchanted flying truck.

If you've seen her before you will not want to miss the chance to say goodbye and give thanks, and if you never yet had the pleasure of her encounter I am relieved that you'll have this last opportunity.

Feel free to bring treats, your friends, musical instruments and plenty of stories.

When: Tuesday December 7th, from 6:20 - 8:30

Where: The Planet Repair Institute: 8512 SE 8th Ave. 97202

What: A Ceremony and Celebration. A time to tell stories, grow warm around mugs and to participate in one of the most famous creatures to ever come from Portland, Oregon.