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FBI Set-Up at Pioneer Square.

FBI "thwarts" it's own so-called bomb plot at Pioneer Square on Friday Nov. 26th. All major & even some [apparently liberal] news outlets pass off this bullshit as an actual event. Predictably, the dopes (e.i. general public) all fall for it, hook/line/sinker. Get ready for MORE security, MORE police, MORE surveillance, & MORE lenses watching your every move.

All these "thwarted bomb plots" are starting to become a real cliché. Some harmless 19 year old no-body with a clean record, brown skin, & two Mohamuds in his name gets fingered by the FBI informant goons in 2009. Over the next year or so, federal goons pretend to be this guy's friend, leaning on him, spoon-feeding him all sorts of phony baloney about carrying out some attack that he NEVER originally had any intention of carrying out. They give him all this material that he never would've had access to, or even the slightest clue of where to get it. They spend a year setting up & totally ENTRAPPING this guy, who in the beginning never EVER had a great sceme to carry out anything, maybe other than attending college. At one point, Mohamud Osmond Mohamud was planning to head to Alaska for a seasonal fishery job (which seems really unusual for a "hardened terrorist"). However, the fed. goons stopped him from going because how could he have carried out some fake bombing here in Portland if he was slinging fish in Alaska, right?

The "plot" was eventually "uncovered" & predictably, all the thought-less dopes swallow the LIES. Typically, all media outlets including The Oregonian, NPR/OPB, & even most of so-called "progressive" talk radio (locally at least) has been hashing out this one-sided propaganda about how Mohamud Osmond Mohamud was some eeeeeeevil jihadist & how the FBI did it's "due diligence".

Which is all total bullshit, of course. But who cares, right?
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