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Video: TSA Protest Portland 11.24.10

The protest was on the overpass over Airport Way leading to PDX airport
The was about 2 dozen people there when I was there.
Here are 3 videos of the TSA Body Scanner / Groping Pat Down Protest on Nov 24 2010.
tsa protest
tsa protest
TSA / Body Scanners Protest
Portland Oregon


part 1 of 3

part 2 of 3

part 3 of 3

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Thanks! 27.Nov.2010 11:07


Thanks to those who weathered the cold to stand up against this invasion of privacy and big brother tactics. What does it take for people to just say no to further erosion of their rights? I notice in the news reports about his protest, they say that there were "a small group of protesters" not bothering to mention that the police according to this video did not allow more on the overpass-- It is time to question the underlying theme of all these invasions--the much overused excuse of terrorism. The US military has been invading and destroying for ten years now in the middle east, who are the real terrorists here? Oh, a shoe bomber and oh yeah some hijackers with box cutters, that's right, we're supposed to bend over for the rest of eternity to whatever "security measures" the TSA and Homeland Security want to dole out. Terrorism is a tactic, you cannot wage war on it and win. It is past time to end this nonsensical war on terrorism and our rights. Even a Republican senator is speaking out against this scanning--because it is a waste of money not because of invasion of privacy. But at least he is speaking out.

TSA pat-downs at bus stops --> TSA is already at bus stops in Tampa 30.Nov.2010 07:19

joe anybody ((( i )))


TSA / Police State is now at reandom bus stops for your protection

WAKE UP SHEEPLE IN AMERICA - Agents are coming to protect you

This video of the TSA doing pat-downs at a bus station is justified by the talking heads in this short video