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International 'Fur-Free Friday' Portland protest

Over 100 anti-fur protesters led by a boisterous group of Radical Cheerleaders for animal rights attended the In Defence of Animals march through downtown Portland on Black Friday. Portland, OR, USA, 26/11/2010.
As part of an international day of action with anti-fur movements around the world, the protest began at the top of Pioneer Courthouse Square outside the Nordstrom shopping centre, monitored by an over the top police presence.

The road was eventually opened up for the march after a speech by Northwest Director of the IDA (In Defence of Animals) Matt Rossell.

Snaking its way through the downtown area, the protesters stopped at Nicholas Ungar Furs, Macy's and H&M to listen to speeches and demonstrate along with high energy performances from the Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights.

Originating from 1986, the day was set up by grassroots activists with the goal of abolishing the fur trade whilst putting a stop to the horrors suffered by fur-bearing animals. 'Fur-Free Friday' has since grown into one of the most widely attended annual demonstrations of the animal rights movement.

Nicholas Ungers Furs has been the site of many protests in the past. Perhaps most notable was an event that occurred just before midday on January 27th 2010. Daniel Shaull, a 26 year old, doused himself with gasoline before setting his body alight. He was heading for the inside of the shop but was stopped by a police officer who saw the events unfold. He later died in Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

According to Matt Rossell, this event was in no way connected to IDA and was 'extremely strange'. The protest today was well organised, peaceful and effective, gaining more attention than usual on a day when most are out shopping.

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