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Document Sheds New Light on A.L.F. Sheepskin Factory Arson

Read the 10-page plea agreement in the Walter Bond A.L.F. case

Read the 10-page plea agreement in the Walter Bond A.L.F. case

After being set up by his brother for three A.L.F. arsons, Walter Bond pleaded guilty last Thursday to arson and Animal Enterprise Terrorism charges for his role in burning down the Sheepskin Factory store in Denver.

The newly-released plea agreement sheds some new light on the case, including:

*That Bond acted alone in the Sheepskin Factory arson

*What facts are still in dispute

*Bond?s likely sentencing range

Read the full plea agreement here (pdf)


Breakdown of the plea agreement

In the plea agreement, the government submits the following (some of which Walter Bond contests):

*Walter Bond broke through a door, entered, and set the Sheepskin Factory store on fire

*The fire destroyed the building, and damages were $500,000

*Walter Bond appeared to match the general height and weight of a person caught on surveillance video near the scene

*In a phone call, Walter Bond referred his brother to Voice of the Voiceless when asked what he?d ?been up to?.

*Walter Bond?s brother setting up a monitored meeting with Bond, in which Bond confessed to three A.L.F. fires. Video and audio of the entire meeting was surreptitiously videotaped by the ATF.

*Walter Bond using a stolen library card to send a communique from a library computer, sending the communique ?to a party in Florida to have it posted?.

?Facts? in dispute

Towards the end, the plea agreement lists three ?exceptions? to the ?agreement?, allegations which Walter Bond denies. These are:

*Referring his brother specifically to Voice of the Voiceless, rather than to other news articles on the Sheepskin Factory arson.

*?Posting? any message about two other Utah fires.

*?Communicating via websites and posting information via third parties?.

Suspiciously, the government seems to be attempting to put words in Bond?s mouth on a seemingly insignificant point: Whether he told his brother specifically to look up Voice of the Voiceless, or merely to look up articles on the Sheepskin Factory fire in the general sense. Bond states the latter, while the government submits the former. What their interest in naming VoV in the plea bargain is remains to be seen.

VoV named again

The plea agreement states erroneously that Walter Bond ?posted? a communique on Voice of the Voiceless. In fact I never received any communiques for this or any other ?A.L.F. Lone Wolf? action, and all communiques posted were borrowed from other websites. I?m sure the FBI has subpoenaed all email records for this website, and in submitting ?facts? they know to be false, they have perjured themselves.

Bond?s likely sentence

The plea bargain concludes with a sentencing computation. Given Bond?s criminal history and mandatory minimum sentence, the sentencing guidelines call for a prison term of 5 to 8 years. The judge has discretion to go above the guidelines, and this range is merely a suggestion.

Bond?s sentencing is set for February 11th in Denver. He has requested the attendance of his supporters. Information on the court date will be posted as the date approaches.

- Peter Young

Walter Bond has requested letters of support:

Walter Edmund Bond
PO Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700

homepage: homepage: http://www.voiceofthevoiceless.org