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VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting 11.1.10

The monthly sidewalk discussion committee met on November 1 2010
This is the video from their open to the public meeting on sharing the sidewalks
This video is 54 minutes long
The meeting is organized through City Commissioner Amanda Fritz office

 link to www.archive.org

This committee meets on the first Monday of the month from 3:30 - 5:00 in the Portland Building (2nd floor)

This meeting agenda was on topics around:
Winter shelters, Camp(ing) over night/set-up rules, a new storage service for house-less folks belongings, Pearl Neighborhood District wants sidewalk laws extended, the police bureau gives their review and updates on sidewalk arrests/warnings etc, discussion from the public on Horse Patrols, Warming Shelters, winter concerns, it was mentioned that street count 2011 will happen in January, committee also had 20 mins of breakout small group discussions.

April 2010 pdf file on "Sidewalk Use":

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