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Portland Protest to TSA Screening

We're set to begin at 9:00a.m., on Wednesday, Nov. 24th, the "Mt. Hood Overpass" on Lombard St & Airport Way. People can come at any time between 9:00a.m and 1:00pm. We've come up with a new name for our group: T.A.M.E. (Travelers Against Mistreating Everyone).We need to return to a policy of freedom and civility. Who would think 20 years ago, that we'd all be talking today about our privates in the manner we do now? And who would think that our own government would force its citizens to step through machines that could possibly give us cancer?! We are angry, and want to show it. Hopefully on Wednesday, we'll get a steady stream of folks out on our overpass, with signs that condemn this TSA mistreatment of travelers. We'll be sending out a press release and opinion editorial very soon. We need comments for our press release from those who will be out there... those of you from all social and poltical spectrums. So, please send me a 1-2 sentence comment ASAP.

Also, please continue to spread the word about our demonstration. And, join our Facebook group at www.tametsa.com.

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