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11/22; Last Day 4 Public Comment on GE Salmon

Today is the last day for public comment on genetically modified salmon. Please tell Pres. Obama and the FDA that people do not want to risk tampering with natural ecosystems by releasing genetically engineered (GE/GMO) salmon into the oceans and rivers that currently support struggling populations of wild salmon. GMO salmon is the latest trick from Monsanto attempting to control our food supply by replacing wild salmon with genetically engineered "Frankenfish" salmon that have less nutritional value and greater risks of illness, including potential extinction of wild salmon populations by the Monsanto version of GMO salmon.
Stop Frankenfish!

"Tell President Obama and the FDA Not to Approve Genetically Engineered Salmon!"

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"We stand at a pivotal moment on Earth. The oceans are heating up and becoming more acidic because of human-induced global warming. Phytoplankton, the irreplaceable foundation of the ocean's food chain are dying off. Wild fish populations are crashing, not only because of global warming, but because we are allowing out-of-control, "profit at any cost" industrial fishing corporations to wreak havoc. And now the coup de grace. The Obama Administration is poised to approve the first genetically engineered fish for human consumption, GE salmon, while the FDA is still aiding and abetting the force-feeding of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to the public. They are wielding the fouled Bush-Quayle Era doctrine of "substantial equivalence" of GMO and natural foods like a club, legally blocking adequate safety testing and labeling of GMOs.

We need to take action now, before the so-called FDA "review" of genetically engineered salmon is finished. It's unlikely the Obama Administration will ban GMO foods or fish, even though they are inherently hazardous. But if massive public pressure can force the FDA to require mandatory labels on Genetically Engineered fish, polls indicate that most consumers will boycott these GE fish and force them off the market. We have until November 22, 2010, to submit public comments calling for labeling genetically engineered salmon. In addition the FDA still needs to do an Environmental Assessment before approving the GE salmon. The FDA Environmental Assessment will include a 30 day public comment period. How many letters can Organic Consumers Association members generate in the next two months?

You sent 100,000 letters in opposition to Tom Vilsack for USDA Secretary because of his pro-biotech, pro-Monsanto politics. We need to send that many or more to stop genetically engineered salmon. Direct action is going to be necessary, too. If the Obama Administration stubbornly continues to hide behind the scientifically discredited Bush-Quayle doctrine of "substantial equivalence" claiming there isn't a "material" difference between genetically engineered and normal salmon, then we'll have no choice but to use every tactic we can muster to throw a wrench into the gears of the Frankenfoods Express. Please help us save the wild fish and the oceans instead of allowing the biotech industry to brainwash us into believing that industrial fish farms and genetic engineering represent the future of food. Write to the FDA to demand labels and adequate pre-market safety-testing of GMOs. And please forward this Action Alert to everyone you know."

Take Action Now!


"I urge you to reject the approval of Aquabounty's genetically engineered (GE) salmon. Recent comments from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientists indicate serious doubt regarding the research around what would be the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption.

The FDA has failed to consult other U.S. agencies on this issue, despite being required to do so under the Endangered Species Act. Several quotes from U.S Fish and Wildlife Service scientists highlight concerns within the agency:

"The environmental impact of escaped GE salmon is of great concern." - Gregory Moyer, Regional Geneticist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"...approval of the proposal is premature, given the unknowns and uncertainties regarding the possible ecological and environmental effects of these fish." - Jeff Adams, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"...I do think the chance of escapement is huge" - Deborah Burger, Manager, Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery

"Maybe they should watch Jurassic Park..."
- Denise Hawkins, Regional Geneticist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The message is clear. The research around the potential human and environmental impacts of this product has been inadequate at best. I urge you heed the warnings of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, reject GE salmon, and at the very least, protect the right for consumers to make informed choices and ensure that, if approved, this product be labeled."

Thank you for your consideration,

take action here;

Want to increase WILD salmon populations AND help solve hunger problems? Very simple solution is to remove the excessive dams (ie., lower four Klamath River dams owned by Pacificorp/Berkshire Hathaway, still not actualized in reality!!!) and allow spawning salmon access to tributaries previously blocked by large dams. In addition, dam removal will result in cleaner, colder and faster moving water that would greatly improve chances for salmon fry survival as they return to the oceans.

Most scientists estimate that in the years following dam removal, the conditions on the rivers would be greatly improved and that salmon populations would increase exponentially on their own (without ANY help from GMO Frankenfish!!), as they have for over tens of thousands of years in North America prior to the recent post-Columbus alterations that blocked the rivers with large concrete structures!!

We in good conscience cannot allow corporations like Monsanto to further contaminate our oceanic and riparian ecosystems with their GMO experimental salmon. We either stop this before it happens by forcing the FDA to do their job (correctly for once!!) of protecting our ecosystems by outlawing GMO salmon OR we will need to rely on militant groups of sabatuers like ELF to stop this potential oceanic genetic catastrophe from happening.