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Gulf Coast Still Struggling Due to Oil Spill: Grant to aid Businesses and Nonprofits

The Pepsi Refresh grant project, entitled 'Your Ad Here' is designed to assist Gulf Coast businesses and non-profits in rebuilding after the oil spill. We propose to create ads at no cost to the client, which can be used universally on TV, Internet and/or radio to promote Gulf products, services, small businesses, and non-profits. These ads may be used for any purpose the recipient deems necessary to help drive their business, keep people employed, and reach volunteers. With the Pepsi grant, we could create ads for organizations who could never afford such advertising otherwise.
Production company All of the Above Productions has joined forces with Pepsi to assist Gulf Coast businesses and non-profit organizations still struggling as a result of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. The BP oil spill continues to impact Gulf Coast residents. On November 1, All of the Above Productions was accepted by the Pepsi Refresh Project for their Your Ad Here campaign. Once funded, All of the Above Productions will deliver, at no cost to the client, high-definition commercials for organizations to help drive business, keep Gulf Coast residents employed, and support non-profits. Many Gulf Coast areas are still in desperate need of our help. The remedy is simple and cost free. Citizens can become involved by voting online each day during the month of November to fund this project. It's also possible to vote daily by texting to Pepsi at 73774, text message 103993. (Standard texting rates apply.)

When: Every Day through November 30th, 2010
Where: www.RefreshEverything.com/YourAdHere
Cost: Less than 5 minutes of your time, once a day.

homepage: homepage: http://www.refresheverything.com/youradhere