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Buy Nothing Day!

Buy Nothing Day needs your non-support! Spread the word and encourage everyone to BUY NOTHING!
we'll be spreading the word all week via social networking, pflyer-posting and general encouragement of those we know to sit it out on Buy Nothing Day. If you're in we encourage you to do the same!

Also: Fur Free Friday march 22.Nov.2010 10:02


Come protest the buying of fur coats- dead animals that were either trapped or tortured on factory farms before being skinned alive and sold to elite scumbags with fetishes for death. This protest will be one of the largest to happen all year. The furriers downtown hate the attention and last year stayed closed rather than face public outcry at their terrible, ugly ways.

November 26, 11am
Meet at the corner of SW Yamhill and Broadway
Signs and literature will be provided, just bring your family and friends. Dress for the weather and come rain or shine to speak up for the animals. This is likely the largest animal related free speech event of the year and we need your help, we must have at least 200 participants to pull it off, so mark your calendars, and come celebrate Fur Free Friday with us!
There will be vegan cake to share after this uplifting event, don't miss it!