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TSA is doing WHAT? Really?‏

You've seen the news reports and heard the horror stories.The TSA's new "enhanced pat downs" (i.e. sexual assault searches) and their "advanced imaging technology" (i.e. naked scanners).Leaked x-ray images of men and women that show their naked bodies have flooded the internet.Screaming children have been groped and woman sexually assaulted.
And if that weren't enough, TSA proudly trumpets their hiring policy of "Non-Discrimination."It's the federal employee's version of the Gay Bill of Special Rights and it's infiltrated our government with the Transportation Safety Administration not excluded.

That means the next TSA official that gives you an "enhanced pat down" could be a practicing homosexual secretly getting pleasure from your submission.Or it could be any sexual pervert, homosexual or heterosexual, or even pedophile that operates the "naked scanner".

That means the next TSA official that operates the "porno scanners" you or your child or mother walk through could be lusting after the image on his screen.

The thought makes me sick.But it's all for your safety, they say. It's the terrorists. If you don't submit to their humiliating fondling and photographing, the terrorists will win.That's hogwash and I won't stand for it!

I want you to call your Senators and INSIST they respect the fact that:1. Any unsolicited touching is assault.2. Any unsolicited photography is an invasion of privacy.Period. End of story.

Call the Congressional Switch Board at (202) 224-3121 Give the operator your state and say you have a message for your senators.Thanks for standing up for our rights as we enter this holiday season.

homepage: homepage: http://www.publicadvocateusa.org/

Speaking of *Non-Discrimination*. 22.Nov.2010 18:38

pansy division

Stop with your 'hate speech', offensive ignorance/backwards mentality, fear mongering and negative stereotyping against gay people. Talk about blatant and overt homophobia.

Special Rights?! Gay people get denied our rights all the time (nothing special about it). That is a fact and the reality of things... not the other way around as you are falsely claiming. There is NO JUSTICE IN DISCRIMINATION AND HATE. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN DENYING OTHERS EQUAL RIGHTS.

Gay people don't have "special rights" and the idea that we do is ludicrous— We get denied equality all the time because we are a 'minority group'. It's ***tyranny of the majority*** ALWAYS. As a gay person many of us have to live in fear of the threat of being fired from our place of employment for just being who we are. The "majority" has the "right" to vote on and take away the equality/marriages of gay people as I experienced firsthand here in Portland Oregon. We don't have the "privilege" or "entitlement" to have the special rights and freedom that heterosexuals get with being able to marry and celebrate the love shared with another person whom we are in love with (same sex- gasp!) without the fear, judgment and ridicule of some bigoted and self-righteous heteros who feel justified in discriminating against us just because they are in the "majority" (and in the system we live in they are "free to do so" and are free to deny rights from us). It is an "agenda of hate & fear" voted on, legalized and imposed upon the minority. Just because someone happens to be in the "majority" that does not make them "right" or "justified" in discriminating against people who happen to be in the 'minority'. It's just wrong on so many levels. All people are created equal and all people should have equal rights. Legalized hatred and discrimination against others is wrong.

What gives "straight people" the right to deny gay people the right to happiness and equality/marriage??? There is a hate-fueled "agenda" and it is to deny people equality and freedom to love whomever they choose and/or are born to love. There is no "gay agenda" other than the need for 'freedom from oppression' and the need for equality and the same rights that heterosexuals have and are entitled to.
All people deserve equal rights- justice for all.

Heterosexuals have 'special rights' because they can get married and don't have to be afraid of having their marriage voted on and then have it be taken away from them (making it become 'null & void'). When you deny people their dignity/equality you cause them to hate you. Hatred breeds hate... so just stop.

Stop the hate and discrimination. No "special rights" for anyone. We are all EQUAL. Just because someone happens to be in the majority that shouldn't give them the "special rights" to deny those of us in the minority the ability to have our rights/justice/equality/marriage.

Hatred destroys lives. What is done to others is done to ourselves. Demand Justice and Equality for ALL. Together we stand— divided we fall. Another World is possible and together we can create a better future focused on 'love and compassion' with recognition of the rights of others; and liberation for all from division/hate.

STOP THE HATE - Portland Protest 11.13.10  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXKdqfSERVM

Silence = Death

Equal Rights Now
Equal Rights Now

“Second-Class” Citizens 23.Nov.2010 15:27

pink triangle

"Justice for all" excludes lots of people in this country of inequity we live in. All forms of oppression, prejudice and intolerance are connected in some way even though oftentimes people dismiss the parallels; sexism, racism, heterosexism, oppression caused by so-called "elitism"(people who think of themselves as "superior" to others) and the resulting class war against the poor... and of course the widely overlooked and often dismissed speciesism. All deserve rights, justice and liberation (animals included). *See Earthlings* and make the connection.  http://veg-tv.info/Earthlings To deprive others of rights seems to be the american tradition. Oftentimes it seems to be the "traditional values" globally in the struggle for Earth Liberation. Education is the key to understanding/evolution. Ignorance is the biggest factor in the cause of violence towards others.

Irrelevant Criterion (advocate Animal Rights and compassion forever)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg9mRm2H7dg

There is nothing "special" or "right" about being deprived justice and about being made to be a *second-class citizen*. There is an agenda and it is to make others feel "inferior" (even though they are not) by denying them BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS— Same-Sex Couples should have the ability to celebrate their love and marry and be able to benefit from the rights that go along with that marriage certificate the same as everybody else. It should be all or nothing... NOBODY EXCLUDED. Love shouldn't be a "privilege" granted to just certain segments of society. The injustice of it is astounding and monumental. Unless someone experiences discrimination, 'rights violations', and the abuse of misguided & unjustifiable hatred personally they could never understand what it's like.


In solidarity and compassion we can work together towards using our voices and standing against "hate" wherever it rears its ugly head. Hate should not be a "Traditional Value" that some people try to inflict upon others. Together we can combat the negative effects of hate and ignorance.
SPLC: Gays most targeted minority for hate crimes (Speak Out & Stop the Violence)  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/11/403807.shtml

Love is our resistance and freedom~<3
Free Your Mind and Free the World
Free Your Mind and Free the World