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The Gulf of Mexico Disaster: What the mainstream media is not telling you


October 31, 2010

By Michael Edward
The World Vision Portal

 link to worldvisionportal.org)

They have to isolate their biologically created nightmare until they can either find a way to control it or create a synthetic genome microbial vaccine to neutralize its effects. Could that have been their plan all along? 

On October 7, 2010, Synthetic Genomics Inc. [the BP equity investment company] and JCVI announced the formation of a new company, Synthetic Genomics Vaccines Inc. (SGVI). The privately held company will focus on developing next generation vaccines using JCVI's genomic sequencing and synthetic genomic expertise, coupled with the intellectual property and business acumen of Synthetic Genomics Inc., to significantly advance and enhance vaccine development. (15)

How amazing that the BP/Synthetic Genomics alliance now has its own vaccine company for patented immunizations. But at what cost to humanity? It's very profitable to not only create synthetic bacteria but to also offer a vaccine in case there are any problems. When you create the bacteria and control its DNA, you also know how to shut it down. Surely, BP is far Beyond Petroleum.

"We are excited to apply our advanced synthetic genomics technologies to revolutionize vaccine production" said Fernanda Gandara, President of SGVI. (15) Yes Fernanda, I'm sure you and BP are very excited.


The ETC Group is an international civil society organization based in Ottawa, Canada. They recently stated in a press release that
"Synthetic biology is a high-risk profit-driven field, building organisms out of parts that are still poorly understood. We know that lab-created life-forms can escape, become biological weapons, and that their use threatens existing natural biodiversity. Most worrying of all, Craig Venter is handing this powerful technology to the world's most irresponsible and environmentally damaging industry by partnering with the likes of BP and Exxon to hasten the commercialization of synthetic life-forms."(12)

Now we have scientific confirmation of "a previously unknown species of cold-water hydrocarbon-eating bacteria" gobbling up oil in the Gulf. (11)

Nothing is known about how this new synthetic bio-remediation bacterium in the Gulf reacts with mankind. This is virgin and uncharted territory. We already know how sea mammals such as whales and porpoises have reacted. Those who haven't escaped the affected areas of the Gulf have died... along with all other marine life and coastal vegetation. While human health effects from crude oil exposure are well known, the effects of dispersants containing oil-eating artificial bacteria are not known. It's never been done before, let alone at the immense scale of operations now taking place.

There's a reason the so-called "dispersants" are guarded by weapon-yielding soldiers and local armed law enforcement in warehouses and deployment yards along the Gulf coast. If a sample were to be analyzed by knowledgeable people, the biological and chemical anomalies it contains would be made public, right down to the unique DNA signature. BP keeps allowing their sorcerer's brew to be called Corexit in order to hide the fact that it's not just the name brand product any longer.

The physical symptoms of the BP Flu, BP Crud, Blue Flu, or whatever name you choose to call it, are as unique as the synthetic bacteria being used in the Gulf. Since mankind is carbon based, how do these synthetically created hydrogen and carbon hungry bacteria react to human flesh? Internal bleeding as well as ulcerating skin lesions are the physical signs of their computer created DNA signature.

BP and their paid minions have released a synthetic biological plague in the Gulf of Mexico and it's out of control. The entire world is a victim of their greed and foolishness. By playing the role of creator, they have begun a very dangerous game with infinite repercussions for life as we know it.

Those who have permitted and agreed to this cover-up are just as responsible as BP. Those of us living on the Gulf coast must demand from every politician and government agency, from the national to the local level, an explanation as to why they allowed this to happen and why they are allowing it to continue. They are all responsible for lying to us and for covering up the truth.

Have you connected all the dots?

Do you see the complete picture now?

Colonies of the synthetic transformed bacterium

The Gulf Blue Plague Has Evolved


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*This article may be reproduced in part or in its entirety provided the source is displayed as the World Vision Portal along with the internet link provided beneath the title. International Common Law Copy Rights by Michael Edward and the World Vision Portal at  http://www.worldvisionportal.org
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