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Capitalism isn't working. Socialism is the alternative—a world organized for human need, not profit, where resources are controlled by and for the vast majority, instead of by a tiny rich minority. Real change depends on struggle and action by our side. The Oregon Socialist Conference is one of the dozens of socialist conferences being held nationwide that are dedicated to arming a new generation of rebels, activists and organizers with arguments and ideas for a revolutionary socialist alternative, learning our history of rebellion and resistance, and discussing strategies for building organization and winning struggles for real change.  http://www.portlandsocialists.org/oregonsocialistconference/
*All sessions will be in Smith Memorial Student Union 294**

9:30am - Registration/Book Room Opens (Room 258)

What Marxists Mean by Class? The Class Structure of US Capitalism Today
with Elizabeth Terzakis
Watch Elizabeth Terzakis speak on the Global Food Crisis  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2594101213296946238#

12pm-1:30pm - Lunch Break

Marxism, Class and Oppression
with Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism
Watch Paul D'Amato speak on Antonio Gramsci: Life of a Revolutionary  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEXsE-sP2ps

What Kind of Organization Do We Need to Change Society?
with Ahmed Shawki, author of Black Liberation and Socialism
Watch Ahmed Shawki speak at Socialism 2006  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEXsE-sP2ps

5pm-7pm - Dinner Break

Party! Details TBA

Suggested donation $10-$30 but no way turned away because of a lack of funds

For more info email  pdxiso@gmail.com

Workers' Republic Documentary
PSU 5th Ave. Cinema.
510 SW Hall St.
Portland, OR 97201
7pm. Free!

'Workers' Republic' is a 60-minute documentary that chronicles one of the most important labor victories in recent memory. Three weeks before Christmas 2008, in the depths of the economic crisis, Chicago company Republic Windows and Doors announced the factory's closure. They informed their work force that they would not be paid for their final week or receive their accrued vacation pay. In a move that harkened back to the sit-down strikes of the 1930s, the workers occupied the doomed factory day and night for nearly a week, declaring they would not leave until they were given what their employer owed them.

The workers won over the public to their cause and the story made headlines all over the world. 'Workers' Republic' conveys the courage, the creativity, and the solidarity of those window-builders who vowed to stand up for their rights. From the opening moments to the eventual victory, and culminating in the surprise fate of the Chicago factory, the film shows radical action can be a solution to exploitation. In our turbulent times of economic strife, 'Workers' Republic' is an anthem of future possibility and opportunity.