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Threats of violence from a "Buddhist Monk"

I just spent two months in Brazil volunteering for the New Kadampa Tradion International Temples Project... And was threatened with violence on three occasions by the monk in charge of the project. Others were also singled out for verbal abuse by this nut case. Be carefull before you volunteer for the NKT!!
While in Brazil the monk in charge of the building project (picture attached, man to the left of Kelsang Gyatso) on three occasions threatened me with physical violence in order to "break through my self cherishing." "If you do it like that I will hit you in the head with a hammer and you had better believe that I will do it." On another occasion he described to me how quickly he could kill me. It is my understanding from others who were on the project that his verbal assaults are typical of his behaviour, they have been ongoing for many years. The morale of the people on the building team when I arrived in Brazil was rock bottom. This person was verbally abusing people seemingly at random. Verbal threats were a daily occurance. "Who is going to get it next?" was the question every day. People were being terrorized by this mans anger and rage. The Brazillian construction workers were cussed at repeatedly. He told myself and another American that if we did not work the way he wanted us to we could pack our bags "and get the fuck out". This was in the middle of Brazil, in a country where we do not speak the language. He also said this to the whole assembly of workers.

His managers, when they arrived from Britain, both told me that I should take it on the chin... There was no rational discussion of the possibility that his behaviour may be unacceptable.

If you are involved in the NKT, or are interested in becoming involved, educate yourself before you do!!!


NKT e-mail:  info@kadampa.org

Tell them what you think of a person calling himself a Buddhist monk threatening to kill people! (it is my understanding that this person has a violent background and has been in prison for violent crimes.)

If you are interested in practicing Buddhism educate yourself before you step near the NKT! If you like the Dalai Lama the NKT is not for you! They protest against the Dalai Lama!