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Video: Portland Veterans for Peace Celebrates Armistice Day 2010

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72 Celebration of Armistice Day in Portland Oregon. Celebration features singer song writer George Mann and remarks by Vietnam Veteran Grant Remington and Vietnam Veteran and photojournalist Mike Hastie.
The event begins with spreading out flowers in the shape of a peace sign on the bricks at Pioneer Square, followed by two minutes of silence. Grant Remington of Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72 moderates the event, introducing Mike Hastie and then George Mann, who finished the event with a song.

After brief individual remarks, Grant reads the lyrics from the song Peace, by John Denver.

Next to speak is Mike Hastie, who was a medic in Vietnam. During his remarks, Hastie shows a photograph of Richard Nixon with clenched fist to demonstrate what anti war activists were up against in the days of the Vietnam War.

The event finishes off with a song by George Mann.