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TSA - Homeland Security Policy - PROTEST on 11.24

Reposting "TSA Policy Protest" info from email I received
Bad Policies
Bad Policies

Portland, OR

First, it was ... pass your luggage through a scanner. Then, it was ... take off your shoes. This progressed to being wanned over your outstretched body, which lead to back-handed pat downs. Then, the risky, nude-image scanners were introduced (not at PDX yet, however). Those who opt-out are forced to more humiliation by a new "enhanced security" exam (government-sanctioned sexual molestation). We are having our individual freedoms violated on an incremental plan. When will we realize that we need to "jump out of the pot?"

PDX is not doing pat-downs, nor nude-images yet. But, PDX passengers very likely will travel to airports that do implement this new atrocious policy. There are plans to have these scanners in 1,000 airports soon. We all need to be concerned.

So, what do we do? We speak out!

We need sign holders to join us in our protest of the TSA/Homeland Security policy? These shake downs at airports are not about "security". It is about CONTROL! If it is not stopped, it will lead to more humiliation in more areas of our communities.... malls, restaurants, offices, banks, schools, etc. We must stop this infringement of our 4th Amendment rights to be secure in our persons and effects. Please join us in this 1-1/2 hour protest and stand up for freedom!

Mark your calendar!

Date: November 24
Time: Noon to 1:30pm (thereabouts)
Where: At Lombard St. and Airport Way overpass (near PDX airport)
Bring: Very large signs condemning the humiliating pat-downs and risky and reveal x-rays; also condemning TSA, Homeland Security Agency and Patriot Act that started all this infringement of our rights.

Please RSVP, so that we can have a head count.

Also, contact your U.S. Reps and demand and to TSA, close up Homeland Security and abolish the Patriot Act. See note below.