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Let the tax cuts expire.
Let the tax cut go. And if your effected you should be glad as there are millions who are too poor to notice this issue.

What do you get when you combine a democrat and a republican? An elephant ass. Well history shows this picture from the civil war to today.

Well we shall see if this democrat black bird in the dead of night can fix its wings and learn to fly or just squawk as a pitiful lame duck. Will those Obama stories of closing Guantanamo and taking the country left ever happen or will he sell out the left one day at a time to get re-elected?

Let your own tax cuts expire. 16.Nov.2010 02:09

Tim Redmond

Let the tax cuts expire.
Hell No!

you want more taxes..go pay them no one is stopping you

Will you look at what you are saying? 16.Nov.2010 06:48

Mike Novack

"..... in order to get re-elected ......"

In other words, that the overwhelming majority of voters don't seem to WANT a turn to the left. Yes they may be idiots, may not understand THEIR best interests the way you seem to do, but friend, that's what "democracy" is all about. Each of us gets to decide what we think best and cast our votes accordingly no matter how foolishly.

Now about the "tax cuts". Do you remember or are you too young to have been paying taxes under it? The previous tax structure to which you seem so willing to revert had a bubble in it. It wasn't the rich who paid the highest marginal rate but the people in the middle. Now quite possibly the
"tax cuts" MAY expire if they can't come together to some sort of compromise. And yes of course the income tax doesn't affect the people at the very bottom very much. But I think you grossly underestmate the numbers who would be affected.